Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge

I generally use liquid soap when showering and the one thing I hate is when I use a shower sponge that doesn't lather my soap as good as it should or doesn't feel right on the skin. I've used so many different types of sponges throughout my life and I have truly found my holy grail of sponges. Now you're probably thinking "a shower sponge is just a shower sponge" but once you try a Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge then your showering experience will be 100 times different.

The Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge retails for $3.50, it comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, purple, and teal) and can be purchased online and in store as well.  The sponge itself has a very smooth texture to it, which feels amazing on the skin, and it also allows any shower gel to lather instantly, without having to pack on more and more shower gel.
Have you ever tried the Target brand shower sponge? Those are pretty good for the same affordable prices, but this BBW one is a lot better in terms of how it feels on the skin. Also, the Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge lasts a very long time while still having the same amazing shape and feel, unlike the Target one (or many others I've tried) where they lose their shape after a month.

I've been using mine for months, and it still looks great.  Online they have a different strap on these shower sponges but they're basically the same thing! I would highly recommend anyone to try these out, they are amazing, feel great, lathers any liquid soap very well, and they are super affordable.


  1. Natalie Carlson BrownSeptember 12, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    I agree! Their shower sponges are the best. They're thicker and wound tighter than any others I've tried. :)

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