e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette With Swatches!!

If you're looking for an affordable eyeshadow palette with amazing quality shadows then the e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette is for you! This palette retails for $10.00 and it comes with 100 shadows, all with different color variations, different textures, and different finishes.  Today I wanted to show you swatches of two of my favorite shades from this palette, just to give you an idea of how pigmented these colors really are.

First up is a beautiful green, with many specs of golden, green, and tiny red glitters. Next up is a beautiful gold, this color is so pigmented and looks fabulous on the lids, it does also have tiny gold and silver specs of glitters. I tried to zoom in on the pans and swatches just so you can see the specs and textures of these colors.
e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette
Granted there are 100 colors and not every single one of them is pigmented, particularly the really light colors, but nonetheless for $10 you can't beat a palette with that many shadows, and with that much variety. Have you tried this palette? Which is your favorite color from the bunch? FYI these are usually on sale during the holidays, and you can almost always find some sort of coupon code online for ELF discounts!

High End Makeup Palettes I've HIT PAN

Being a beauty blogger, YouTuber, or even just a makeup addict, it's so hard to fully use up a product, particularly a palette. I have way too many palettes, in fact more than I like to admit, but over the past couple of months I've really been trying to focus on using more of my current makeup collection, vs buying more and more items to collect. So I've been trying really hard to use more of my "high end" makeup palettes, simply because these are not cheap items and I want to make sure I didn't waste my money!

Today I am showing you the High End Makeup Palettes that I've "hit pan" and quite frankly I am very proud of not indulging in buying more and more beauty products, unless it's a deal of a lifetime OR I actually need it (like foundation, concealer, etc).

Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54) -- I've been enjoying the matte shades in this palette, they apply very smoothly and last all day long with or without a primer. I hit pan on "Naked" first and just recently hit pan on "Buck" I've literally been using these two combinations as my everyday neutral eye-shadow look.

Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things ($56) -- This palette was available during the 2013 holiday season and I fell in love with the packaging, the shadows, the bronzers, the case, and everything else included! The Chocolate Soleil Bronzer included in this palette has been amazing and I hit pan about a month ago. I do plan on purchasing the full size once I fully finish this one because it truly is a great matte bronzer, applies great, blends really well, and looks natural!
Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadowbox ($38) I purchased this palette so long ago, in fact I think I got it on sale for less than $15, but I rarely touched it aside from one shade which I hit pan on, called Underground, a beautiful golden brown colr. The palette has a few neutrals and several brighter colors, which is probably why I only hit pan on this one color, nonetheless the quality is pretty good!

So there you have it, the High End Makeup Palettes that I've "hit pan" on! I'm going to keep using up my current makeup collection and will definitely do more of these posts and hopefully you can also join me in using what you already have! I did however make a purchase recently.... let's just say it's from LORAC Cosmetics -- another post will be up soon about my purchase so stay tuned!

Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge

I generally use liquid soap when showering and the one thing I hate is when I use a shower sponge that doesn't lather my soap as good as it should or doesn't feel right on the skin. I've used so many different types of sponges throughout my life and I have truly found my holy grail of sponges. Now you're probably thinking "a shower sponge is just a shower sponge" but once you try a Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge then your showering experience will be 100 times different.

The Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge retails for $3.50, it comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, purple, and teal) and can be purchased online and in store as well.  The sponge itself has a very smooth texture to it, which feels amazing on the skin, and it also allows any shower gel to lather instantly, without having to pack on more and more shower gel.
Have you ever tried the Target brand shower sponge? Those are pretty good for the same affordable prices, but this BBW one is a lot better in terms of how it feels on the skin. Also, the Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge lasts a very long time while still having the same amazing shape and feel, unlike the Target one (or many others I've tried) where they lose their shape after a month.

I've been using mine for months, and it still looks great.  Online they have a different strap on these shower sponges but they're basically the same thing! I would highly recommend anyone to try these out, they are amazing, feel great, lathers any liquid soap very well, and they are super affordable.

KISS Ever EZ Lashes Review

Today I wanted to bring you a quick review of the lashes I've been wearing all Summer long, they are the KISS Ever EZ Lashes! This particular one comes with 1 set of lashes along with lash tweezers, which is really helpful for any beginners learning to apply fake lashes. This set is sold at most major retailers: Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, and online, for around $3.99.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
The set I have comes with the "natural" lashes (#KPL01) which honestly does look a little bit dramatic for me, I think it's because I don't normally wear lashes but they can be used on a daily basis and look as if you have a really good lengthening mascara.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes

I've used this set of lashes literally all Summer long and they are still in great shape; I do clean them periodically with makeup remover (to get rid of any mascara). The only con about this set is that it doesn't come with lash glue, but you can really use any lash glue, since they are generally very inexpensive anyways.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
Overall I love these lashes, same time last year I was a true false lashes beginner but these sets (which by the way I have a handful of different lashes from KISS) they have taught me how to apply falsies, super quick and easily! Plus these are very affordable, for less than $4.00 you get long-lasting lashes and tweezers to help you out. Have you tried these sets before or any KISS lashes? What do you think of them?

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