My Current Beauty Empties

Hello Friends! For the past couple of months I haven't really bought many beauty  products, and if you remember my post a few months ago I couldn't quite go on a Makeup Strike... so lately I've been trying to use up products that I already have in my makeup collection!  By doing this I've discovered new and amazing products, yet also revisited old time favorites.  Well today I wanted to show you My Current Beauty Empties, which consists of only a handful of items, but I'm very proud of myself for being able to control myself when it comes to all the amazing beauty deals that have been going on the past few months.

ELF HD Lifting Concealer -- I honestly didn't know what to think about this concealer, I haven't had too much luck with ELF face products (foundations, BB creams, etc) but this concealer worked pretty well on hiding my dark circles! It is not too thick nor thin, it applies really well, easily blends, and does offer pretty good coverage. For only $3.00, this .256 oz concealer is pretty amazing and I do plan on purchasing more in the near future.

LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eyeliner -- This eyeliner is the best waterproof eyeliner I have ever tried!  It lasted me so long, didn't dry out at all, glides on super easily, it is pitch black, and waterproof/smudge-proof! The price tag does hurt, at $23, but quite honestly it is an investment worth making! 

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover -- I purchased this with high expectations and it did work well and did an awesome job in removing my waterproof makeup without feeling greasy, but I don't plan on purchasing it again due to it's price tag ($18, 4.2oz). 

NYX Dark Circle Concealer -- This concealer is amazing, it lasts a really long time because  a little bit of product is all you need, it blends well, and most importantly it covers dark circles. My only complaint is the color was a bit too light for me, so I plan on purchasing a darker color which hopefully will match me better! This retails $6.00 and it's well worth it, plus it's buy one get one 50% off at Ulta right now!

Physician's Formula Organic Wear CC Mascara -- This mascara didn't work quite as well as I would have liked. The mascara applied very wet and remained very wet throughout the day, which contributed to smudges onto my lower lids/waterline. Aside from that the mascara did separate my lashes pretty well, which gave them the appearance of volume, which is always good. The price is $9.99 but it is currently BOGO 50% off at Ulta.

ELF Mascara Primer -- I believe this was a favorite a few months ago because it helped separate my lashes, lengthen, and helped my mascara apply smoothly without any clumps. For only $3.00 it is well worth and I plan on purchasing a few more very soon!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara -- this product goes to show that you truly need to test out something before you judge it. When I tried this the first few times I didn't like, I didn't know what the fuss was about. But I used it with the ELF Mascara Primer and fell in love! This mascara is amazing, it lengthens, give you volume, makes your lashes look a lot fuller, almost like you're wearing falsies! It is $23 for a full sized tube, which I do plan on purchasing in the future, hopefully with a discount code!

Tweezerman Brow Mousse -- This stuff is AMAZING! I've tried endless brow gels and brow mousses and this clear mousse by far is the best! It applies smoothly and evenly, dries fairly fast and allows your brows to stay put all day no matter how many times you touch your face! It retails for around $12 and it's worth it, I highly recommend it!

So there you have it, My Current Beauty Empties! I'm going to continue to use up my current makeup collection, and try to spend less at the beauty counters, so I will keep you posted on my journey with new empties every so often! Have you tried revisiting some of your beauty collection? You never know you may find some new favorites!


  1. All superb products, I agree!! (Except the PF, I'm not a fan of that one either). As for the Clinic ur cleanser, that stuff is so amazing, I will spend the dough on it. But I have read that Hard Candy makes a great dupe for it! :)

  2. I also did not care for the Physician's Formula mascara. It was super clumpy and smelled kind of weird too. I'm curious about the ELF mascara primer, does it really make that much of a difference?

    Pnk Cynthia

  3. Hi Mysty, I haven't tried too many Hard Candy products, actually I believe I've only tried their concealer and polishes, so I'm interested in learning about this dupe! I will look into this!

  4. Now that you mention it Cynthia, the product did have a funny smell to it.... You should try the ELF mascara primer, with only a few bucks it's worth a shot! For me, it def makes a difference!

  5. Haha, what's funny about that - One day at work I was putting this on, and literally all of the ladies I work with came walking up to me like magnets and stared at me (well, the mascara and me) doing this. They were so curious about it because of the odd packaging! I had to explain it to them lol!


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