What Is Your Favorite Nail Shape?

Nail Shapes 

I was recently looking through some of my old nail polish reviews and realized that my nails have made so many changes throughout the years, particularly the past 2-3 years. What I'm referring to is not the "health" of my nails but rather the shape of the nails.

Looking back at photos from when I first started blogging back in 2011, I realize that I have gone through so many nail shape phases, and if you think about it, there are dozens of ways you can shape your nails, right? Granted yes there are many days, weeks, even months where I just clip my nails and that's it, but a lot of times when I do polish my nails I now realize that my nails require a little bit more work in the shaping department.

Up until a few years ago, I never used to "shape" my nails, and when I say never I mean NEVER... and you can even see in some of my older nail posts my nails looked uneven, some way longer than others, all in different shapes, it was quite ridiculous to think about, but at the time I never really knew or realized that nails required that type of maintenance. But since then I've learned to shape my nails from oval, square, to round, and quite honestly I love experimenting with my nails because it's super fun! 

Now days I prefer my nails to be short, maybe with just a few centimeters past my actual fingers, especially because I type a lot for my job and it's just easier and quicker to do so with shorter nails. Also I hate it when I have long nails and all of the sudden one breaks UGH don't you hate it when that happens...because then I feel like I have to cut the rest of them down to match, do you agree? 

I think if I had to pick my favorite all time nail shape (for my nails) I would have to say square! I just love how even and perfectly aligned squared nails look. Next up from square would have to be "squoval" which is a combination between square and oval. This nail shape I believe is the most natural yet also looks very even and well taken care of.

The one shape I have never tried is the Almond shape (or the pointy shape). I've seen so many beautiful versions of almond shaped nails and I seriously want to learn how to do that! Have you tried that? Is it hard to do? Do you like that type of nail shape?

I am really curious to find out what your favorite nail shape is? Do you shape your nails, or just let them grow as is? I am super excited for Spring and Summer because I am getting ready to bring out all of my bright, fun, neon polishes and doing more nail posts! During this past winter I didn't really do much with my nails, I think the gloomy weather makes me feel sort of anti-nail polish...!  In fact I need some serious cuticle help because my hands have been so dry this winter!

Which nail shape are you currently sporting? Have you started experimenting with new and different kind of nail shapes?
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  1. Rounded or oval. I find that it's too easy for my nail-edges to catch and break or tear when I don't properly round them off...and that shape also happens to look good on my hands. I don't necessarily keep all my nails EXACTLY the same length, but if one breaks near the quick, they all get shortened to that length. (Otherwise, I just try to round the corners off every so often, keep them below 1/8 inch so that they don't interfere with my keyboarding.)

  2. I REALLY REALLY love the oval or almond shape. A LOT!

  3. I love nails on the square side. My natural nails are such poor quality they were whatever shape they didn't break in. Now that I've been regularly getting acrylic tips, I go very square. Pointy nails always looked 'witchy' or 'crazy cat lady' to me lol!


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