Secret Destination Collection -- Paris Romantic Rose

I've been a long time fan of Secret Deodorant, in fact it was the first brand of deodorant I ever used, well I recently came across the Secret Destination Collection Paris Romantic Rose line which caught my attention, enough so that I purchased the Invisible Solid Deodorant and their Body Spray.

The deodorant is amazing, not only does it feel good under the armpits, it actually keeps my armpits dry all day long, even in the hottest days (80 degree weather this Spring so far) it has keep the sweating to a minimal amount plus no funky odors either! I also love that it doesn't stain my clothes unlike so many other deodorants I've tried! The best part is the scent, it smells so unbelievable it's a bit hard to describe. The best way to explain it is very subtle and has a sweet rose smell, it's definitely floral but has a sweet almost like a Hawaiian scent as well.
Their Body Spray is an interesting product, I love using it right out of the shower (in the mornings) just spray it all over my skin (arms & legs) quickly rub it in for an all day lasting scent. The spray dries almost immediately, does not feel sticky, in fact it's very soothing to the skin! It does help eliminate any odors; I take public transportation and you wouldn't believe how much it can stink sometimes in there, so I love wearing this knowing that I smell so fresh all day long! The scent however doesn't quite match up to the deodorant in terms of strength differences, because the body spray is a lot stronger and has a very obvious floral scent. But I do believe they work well together the light sweet scent with the stronger floral scent, which is why I am so glad I purchased both the Body Spray and the Solid Deodorant!

Overall I am very pleased with both of these items, I love the way I smell from the morning to the evening, 10 hours later! There's no touch up needed with the deodorant and maybe 1 or 2 uses with the body spray throughout the day, I usually reapply on my arms/wrists just to freshen up! For less than $4.00 each, these products are amazing and I highly recomend them! If you are interested they have a few other scents, so make sure you check out the Secret website for more details! These can be purchased at any local drugstores such as Walmart, Target, CVS and more!  Have you spotted this collection at your local drugstore? Have you tried any of their other scents?

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