BH Cosmetics Forever Glam Makeup Palette Review & Swatches

Affordable Makeup Palette
If you caught my recent post I reviewed the BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Makeup Palette and as promised today I am bringing you the BH Cosmetics Forever Glam Makeup Palette which is just as awesome as the other! Just like the Nude Palette, the Glam palette also comes with 6 deluxe size eye-shadows in shimmer, satin and matte finishes, 1 highlighter, along with 2 silky blushes and 2 creamy shades of lip color. It is currently on sale for $9.95, even though its original price is $21.95, so if you're interested I highly encourage you to purchase this palette immediately.
Affordable Makeup Palette
My review of this palette is almost exact to the Nude palette because the eye-shadows offer excellent pigmentation, yes some of the shimmer colors can be powdery but if you use in moderation by tapping the brush off you wont get much fall out. As you can see this palette offers a different range of colors from browns, to purples, to peach, I simply love them all.
Swatches From L to Right: 1st 3 swatches bottom row, 2nd 3 swatches top row.
The blushes vary a little bit in this palette (compared to the Nude) it has a brighter pink which is very pigmented and blends wonderfully, however the lighter color has way too much glitter in it so I don't find myself using it very often. The lip colors are amazing, they are so smooth, not sticky at all, and offer long-lasting color and as you can see the swatches are beautifully pigmented!
Swatches From L to R: 2 lip creams, 2 blushes.
Overall I really like both the BH Cosmetics Forever Glam Makeup Palette and the BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Makeup Palette, for less than $10 you get a lot of products in a super cute to-go compact palette! What do you think of this palette? Do you have it? Love it as much as I do? Let me know! To check out additional product information please make sure to visit the BH Cosmetics site. Also, to check out BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Makeup Palette click here.
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