Bath & Body Works NEW Signature Collection BUY 3 GET 3 FREE

This is no April Fools joke, right now Bath & Body Works is offering an amazing deal, their all NEW Signature Collection is Buy 3 Get 3 FREE, valid through April 6th 2014 (online and in store).
My current favorite of their NEW Signature Collection is the Mad About You Body Lotion, it smells amazing and makes my skin feel super soft!! The scent consists of jasmine, vanilla musk, dahlia, and more -- you have to smell it to believe how wonderful it is! I love it because it's bold yet feminine, not too strong but lasts all day! To check out this deal make sure to visit the BBW site to browse the all NEW Signature Collection!
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  1. Ugh I should have gotten this instead of the Malibu palette when they were on hautelook. This looks way better quality!

  2. Honestly Miranda, I didn't know what the quality was going to be with these palettes, and I only purchased the Nude and Glam because of the cute packaging LOL! Also, I've been eyeing all those mini palettes particularly the San Francisco one since its my city!

  3. I'm going to review the Malibu one soon... I was just let down with the wear time :(

  4. Oh no =( Unfortunately sometimes BH Cosmetics and even Coastal Scents have their awesome products but also their poopy products lol =( sorry to hear the Malibu one was a let down with wear time!


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