My Recent Urban Decay Haul

A few weeks ago when Urban Decay had their Friends & Fanatic Sale I figured I would take advantage of the 20% off site-wide and purchase a couple of items that I've been eyeing for a while! I purchased the Naked Palette, the Naked 2 Palette, and the Naked Skin Beauty Balm.  I normally don't spend a lot of money on makeup, clearly from my blog you know that I love my drugstore beauty products but I've been wanting the naked palettes for many years now and thought I would splurge a little and pretty much buy myself a "big" gift, which I normally do not do!
Urban Decay Naked Palettes
I did a lot of homework on these palettes prior to purchasing, and saw many swatches online, before I actually made the purchase I really wanted to make sure that I was going to love them! I couldn't decide between the original and Naked 2 and I know that many of you suggested that I purchase the brand new Naked 3, but it was excluded from the discount.  Plus I wanted to start off with the first originals because I love browns, topes, grays --which is why I couldn't decide between Naked and Naked 2 and I just went with both.

So far I am really happy with both of these palettes, and I can clearly see why everyone has been raving about them! So far they are 100% worth the price but I will be doing a series of posts showing you drugstore dupes -- which I am super excited about! The last item I purchased is the Naked Skin Beauty Balm, I got the travel size so I could test it out, I will keep you updated on that as well! Did you buy anything from the Urban Decay Friends and Fanatic sale?

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  1. Love that you went with both!! I love the first and I want 3 SO bad!!!!! xox


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