Going On a Makeup Strike? PLUS Shop My Beauty/Makeup Collection

Ever since I created my site GlitzGlamBudget.com back in 2011, I've accumulated a ton of beauty products, either from purchases I made myself, PR samples, gifts from friends/family, etc, and it's no surprise that I really don't need any more makeup. So many beauty bloggers I've known have done a "No Makeup Buy" or have gone on a "Makeup Strike" where for a month (to a few months) they don't buy any makeup...it's hard to say if I will ever go on a makeup strike simply because I am a makeup addict, I collect, test out, and review products for you all, and I can't possibly pass up on a great deal (you know I LOVE a good discount), or a brand new drugstore product, etc etc.
Shop My Makeup Collection
Trust me, I have come to a realization that I have way too many products, honestly products that will probably last me a few years...but the answer is probably NO...I will not go on a Makeup Strike/No Makeup Buy, however what I will be doing more often is "Shop My Beauty/Makeup Collection" what that means is gathering a few products a month from my current makeup collection and use those products as much as I can! I think this will be a fun way to use products I have never tried before, or products that I loved and forgot about, even products I may have hated before in hopes of loving them this round, and in a way it sort of feels like I just went shopping all over again (without actually spending the money).

Have you ever "Shopped Your Beauty/Makeup Collection" and actually made an effort to hit pan and completely finish a whole beauty product? Think about how many lipsticks have you actually finished? How many eyeshadow palettes have you actually hit pan on? How many perfumes have you completely used up? I think we should all Shop Our Collection! Let's do it!! Are you in?

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  1. I do tend to have "shop my stash" moments, but will often set out to try several products I haven't used before, rather than using something until it's gone. This past six months has been a "swatch my stash" event! I haven't worn most of the items that I've swatched, but I've swatched all but about 200 eyeshadows...and believe me, that's progress. (Lots of straight TKB micas. I love them...for the price, and for the color payoff!) I have recently completely used up my first tube of Missha BB cream. That took me over a year. I've also used up a tube of Fergie's For My Primas eyeshadow primer. That stuff is absolutely excellent!!

  2. I have shopped my stash before even tried project 10 pan and I failed LOL. I do see myself in the coming months shopping my stash more than shopping the store though, unless I see a deal I can't pass up :)

  3. Wow LiAnn, your Swatch My Stash is amazing, I cannot believe you swatched so many products, that is incredible and only a true beauty blogger can understand the time and dedication it took to do that!! Also, I really want to try a new drugstore primer, I will have to give that Fergie one a try!

  4. LOL I know exactly what you mean, project 10 pan is so hard!!! I will try to post my progress with shopping my stash, but just like you I cannot walk away from a good deal!!

  5. I've never done it but that said if the nail polish in the picture is Cleopatra in New York, I will buy it from you! Seriously. I want that polish but I just paid this month's tuition for my kiddo's school and it hurts me to buy a $25 polish full price.


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