Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps Haul

I recently went to my local Bath and Body Works because I ran out of my current favorite soaps which are the Fresh Picked Hand Soaps if you remember I reviewed last month. I decided to restock and noticed a few new scents from their original line that I was curios to try out.
Bath and Body Works Haul
I purchased 5 new scents that I am now in love with, the scents are: Dancing Water, Apple Mango, Sea Island Cotton, Aqua Blossom, and Kitchen Lemon. All 5 of these scents smell amazing and I love them all because they are the Deep Cleansing kind which does an amazing job in deep cleaning your hands, no matter how much dirt you have on them (they do an excellent job in removing makeup from hands/arms which I use for swatches).
Bath and Body Works Haul
These 8 Fl oz hand soaps are generally $6.50 each but they are currently on sale for $3 each (today only) but even at full price these are well worth it. Plus if you use ALOHA10 coupon code you will get $10 off a $30 purchase, online only. To check out the wide variety of hand soaps please make sure to visit the Bath and Body Works site.

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