NEW Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color (Swatches)

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The BUZZ around all social media channels right now is all about the NEW Milani Cosmetics 2014 products! I have to admit I have loved Milani Cosmetics for many years because of their amazing quality yet affordable price tag. Well today I am super excited to bring you swatches and a quick review of the NEW Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color; I have two shades #02 PINK RAVE and #03 FIERY CORAL, however they do come in a total of 4 different shades.
NEW Milani Cosmetics Products 2014
Indoor Artificial Light (#02 PINK RAVE, #03 FIERY CORAL)
Here's what Milani has to say about these lip colors: "Satisfy your craving for shockingly intense, super-shiny,full lip color with Lip Intense Liquid Color. Lip Intense applies like a highshine gloss, but has the longevity and wear of a lipstick.  The sponge-tip applicator allows for a fast,easy, and precise application. Paraben-free." Let me just start off  by saying that these are the most amazing lip colors I've ever tried! They are in a form of a lip gloss tube yet apply, feel, and look like the smoothest lipstick you will ever feel on your lips. The formula of these Lip Intense Liquid Colors is unbelievable, it feels super smooth,and not sticky at all, in fact when applied they feel moisturizing and very comfortable on the lips.
NEW Milani Cosmetics Products 2014
Natural Lighting (#02 PINK RAVE, #03 FIERY CORAL)
The Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Color are true to its name because they are highly pigmented, definitely intense, and last all day long without fading or losing color.  Once these are removed or wiped off from the lips they do leave a stain behind on the lips which I don't mind, but can be removed with waterproof makeup remover.
NEW Milani Cosmetics Products 2014
Indoor Artificial Light (#02 PINK RAVE, #03 FIERY CORAL)
The Milani Cosmetics Lip Intense Liquid Colors are currently available through the Milani Cosmetics site here and drugstores near you (CVS/Walgreen's/Walmart, etc). They retail for an amazing price of $6..49 for a .20 fl oz. tube, which is enough product to last you a while since you only need a dab of product to achieve the most amazing and highly pigmented color.  I would highly highly highly recommend these liquid colors to any beauty fanatic out there -- they are amazing!

Want to check out more NEW Milani Cosmetics products? Take a look at the amazing NEW Milani Cosmetics Power Lip Lasting & Moisturizing Gloss Stains, they are just as amazing and pigmented as these liquid colors!

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