FeMMe Couture Eye Drama Glitter Liquid Eyeliners

I generally wear very basic, neutral colors, on a daily basis, but on the weekends or if I am going out to a party I love wearing either a bright eye look or a basic eye with a fun glitter liner; just to spice up my look just a bit! I have to admit I haven't tried too many glitter liners but from the ones I've tried many of them have been very sticky, or not pigmented enough however I have found a brand of glitter liners that works extremely well for me so I am sticking with them!!
Sally Beauty Supply Liquid Glitter Eyeliners
My go to glitter liners are the FeMMe Couture Eye Drama Glitter Liquid Eyeliners which are available at Sally Beauty Supply. They are super affordable at only $6.99, and they are incredibly amazing for "drugstore" liners. The FeMMe liners come in 6 different colors, I have 4 which are: Purple Potion, Chain Reaction, Rockin Rose, and Honey Dust.
Sally Beauty Supply Liquid Glitter Eyeliners
These liners are 0.118 fl. oz. which seems like little product however a little bit of liner is all you need to achieve the perfect glitter liner, which means that these will last you for a while, and I should add that they will not dry out; I've had these for a couple of months and they seem like brand new, I've hardly hit pan, and they are as smooth as when I first started using them.
Sally Beauty Supply Liquid Glitter Eyeliners
What I also love about these liners is that they dry pretty quickly, yes you do have plenty of time to apply and achieve a perfect liner, but within minutes the liner dries which is great because these are perfect when you're on the go! I highly suggest these liners to anyone out there, they are perfect for creating a subtle look, to spice up a neutral eye, and yet can also be used to create a wild and fun party look! These are very pigmented, long lasting, and super affordable, 3 main reasons to go out and purchase these at your local Sally Beauty Supply (or online).  Have you tried glitter liquid eyeliners before? Which brands have you used? Have you tried the FeMMe liners before?
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