Bath and Body Works NEW Fresh Picked Hand Soaps

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The brand new Bath and Body Works Fresh Picked Hand Soaps are honestly a "Try it To Believe it" kind of product because they are truly amazing! If you haven't check out the BBW site (or in store) they have a brand new line of hand soaps, with a new formula and over 25 new fragrances! This new line comes with both Foaming Hand Soap and Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, each retailing for $5.50 (for an 8 or 8.75 Fl OZ of product) but right now you can get 4 for $15 or 6 for $20 and you can mix and match -- this is an awesome time to try these out!
The three scents I have are Lemon Mint Leaf (Foaming), Sweet Tangerines (Deep Cleansing), and Garden Strawberries (Foaming), and all three smell so amazingly refreshing! What I love about them is that they are actually moisturizing because they create a rich and creamy lather, and the deep cleansing ones actually have beads for a gentle exfoliation.  These new soaps now have ultra-moisturizing Aloe & Vitamin E, which is why they leave my hands feeling super soft and conditioned.
I highly recommend these new soaps, especially since they are on sale right now! To check out the NEW Fresh Picked Hand Soaps please make sure to visit the Bath and Body Works website.

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  1. You can buy ELF Cosmetics through their site: this is the US website. This particular deal is not longer available since it expired 10/2012.

  2. I love BBW soaps, need to check these out too :)


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