Target Haul (Skincare, Haircare, & More)

I love it when bloggers and vloggers post their recent haul, it gives me an opportunity to see what new products are out and/or which products I would love to try out! Yesterday I went to Target to pick up a few necessary body care items and today I wanted to show you my haul!

I am very excited that my local Target has the TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner, it always seems to be sold out so I'm glad I was able to snag these up! Each container is massive, a big 25 FL OZ bottle/each, and they retail for less than $6.00 which is pretty amazing! I have been a big fan of TRESemme and I am hoping I will love this line! It's supposed to control frizz for up to 48 hours, leave hair smooth, shiny and manageable!
Target Beauty Skincare Haul
The next new item I purchased is the Nivea Touch of Renewal Exfoliating Body Scrub, this 12 FL OZ bottle was less than $4.00. I already love the original Nivea Creme so I am very excited to try this product out. I can imagine it will be very hydrating and leave my skin feeling smooth and refreshed!

The last 3 items are just backups of daily used items, the Dove Soothing Chamomile Deodorant, the Dial Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash and the Schick Quattro Razor refills. There you have it, my recent Target haul!! Have you been to Target recently? Have you tried the TRESemme Keratin line? What about the Nivea Body Scrub wash? I am super excited for these items and will definitely report back with reviews in the near future!
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