Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream 7-Day Challenge

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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to try out the Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream, and for a whole week I took the Neutrogena Hand Cream Challenge. Neutrogena challenges YOU to try this cream out for 7 days, and if it doesn't keep your manicured hands looking beautiful they will actually give you a full refund of your purchase.  Yes that is a 100% money back guarantee, but don't be fooled, this hand cream is amazing and you will love it from the day you first try it out!

This cream is like no other I've tried, it's actually clear like a gel and feel smooth almost like a face primer. It applies wonderfully on the hands and dries fairly quickly.  After using this for the 1st time, my hands felt amazing, I couldn't stop rubbing them together, after using this for 7 whole days, my hands felt moisturized and so smooth. Right now we've been having really cold weather (30 degrees) and prior to using the Neutrogena Hand Cream my cuticles were so dry and looking pretty ugly (this is why I haven't been posting any nail looks) also my knuckles were starting to feel scaly and super dry due to the weather.

Thanks to the Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream I now have a holy grail product that I see myself using all year long, not just in the winter time. Neutrogena claims that this product:

- Is clinically proven to repair the skin's natural moisture barrier to keep hands softer and smoother longer.

- Provides long lasting moisture even after washing hands.

- Combats peeling nails while moisturizing dry cuticles.
Hands down all of the claims are true and accurate, it's really a product you must try out to believe!  To sum it up, within 7 days my cuticles were not longer dry and irritated, my knuckles were smooth and soft, and my overall hands became baby soft. The Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream retails for only $4.99 for a 2.0 fl oz bottle, comes in a scented and fragrance free formula, and can be purchased at nationwide food, drug, and mass merchandiser. For additional product information please make sure to visit the Neutrogena website. Will you take the Norwegian Formula Neutrogena Hand Cream 7-Day Challenge? 

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