NEW Kiss Nail Products: Gel Fantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nails

Get ready for some brand new Kiss Nail products! Kiss Nails just released their new Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear Gel Nails! Here's what Kiss had to say: 
"You can sport a sparkling glitter manicure that stays shiny and bright with an ultra-smooth finish, without the hassle of glitter removal!  Two ways to wear… Whether you choose to glue them on or use the mega-adhesive tabs, they’ll wear for up to a week. "
Drugstore Press on Fake Nails
With this set you can expect to get 24 nails, a pink gel glue, a manicure stick, 24 Mega-Adhesive tabs, and a mini file. These retail for around $7.99 online and in many drugstores nationwide, these are well worth it for a week's long manicure!  Below is an how to video from Kiss Nails!
Will you be picking up a set? What do you think about press on nails? I adore Kiss Nail products and the adhesive tabs on their nails doesn't damage natural nails, and they last a long time yet are not a hassle to remove!
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  1. I don't know how I feel about press ons. Usually they don't last long, but I wouldn't mind using them when I am making a video :)

  2. Generally I don't do well either with stick ons however if you clean your nails right before with rubbing alcohol these babies will stay on pretty good (even through daily dish washing, house chores, etc etc,) These are good for special occasions too, or video making (do you have a YouTube channel?)

  3. I do have a channel it is

    It is very random! Hahaha

  4. These are pretty cool! Going to see if I can find these in a store near me.

  5. Awesome Elex, let me know which ones you pick out!

  6. I love Kiss nail products and these are absolutely gorgeous!


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