How I Get 50-75% OFF High End Makeup

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I've received several emails, tweet, and messages from many of you asking me about Hautelook so I thought I would post about it and hopefully it can be useful for many of you.  Hautelook is a site that I've known about for a long time but probably recently became addicted to it I would say for about 6 months.
Hautelook is an interactive site that offers amazing deals on many different kind of products such as clothes, shoes, decorations, skincare, makeup, hair-tools, accessories, etc; their categories are: Women, Men, Kids, Home, and Beauty. You can usually get brand names (and designer names) for about 50-75% off, these products are the real deal not some sort of knockoff, and they are not used, they are brand new from the manufacturer.

I've only purchase items from their beauty section and I can tell you I've never been disappointed in the quality, the prices, and their service. The only "negative" aspect of Hautelook that some people complain about is their shipping time, it feels like it takes forever at times, but that's only because they don't ship out any products until the sale/event has ended.  An event will usually last 48-72 hours and in my experience I usually receive the item 3-4 weeks after that.
I've been able to purchase items from Lorac Cosmetics, The Balm, Stila Cosmetics, and Tarte, which I normally would not have purchased myself because of the hefty price tag. But buying through Hautelook I've been able to snag all these items for over 50% off! Additionally, if you refer friends to sign up you can earn a small credit if your friends make a purchase, which is a nice little bonus.

Hopefully this post will sum up what Hautelook is and why I love it so much! I generally will post sale alerts when amazing high end beauty items are on Hautelook but you can always check out Hautelook yourself if you're interested in their clothing, accessories, or even home decor!

Have you purchased anything from Hautelook? I can't resist a great beauty deal so I am definitely in love with the site!

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  1. Haute Look is awesome for beauty! I have picked up some awesome things here and there. I haven't went on in months, though. Thanks for reminding me :)


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