Happy New Year -- My Top 5 Blog Posts of Last Year!

Happy New Year Friends! I honestly cannot believe it's already 2014....can you? 2013 went by really quickly for me, it seems just like a few months ago that I was celebrating the end of 2012 and the start of 2013, and now here we are 12 months later!  I truly hope that you all had a wonderful holiday, regardless of what you celebrate or what you were doing, as long as you were happy and enjoyed yourself that is truly all that matters!!
Today I wanted to do this quick fun post to share with you my top 5 blog posts of 2013, I saw a lot of other bloggers doing this and thought it would be fun to actually see which posts were my most read/viewed last year! I encourage you all to do this post as well, think of it like a tag...you're it! What are your top 5 blog posts of 2013?

So there you have it, my My Top 5 Blog Posts of Last Year!!!! It's nice for me to look back and remember certain products that I've tried, I've loved or hated, and thinking back about the many blogging adventures this 2013 year...it's been amazing! Thank you friends for the love and support! Happy 2014!!!

Stay tuned for my 2014 Blogging Goals post coming up next!
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