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For the past few months I've heard so many people rave about the BECCA One Perfecting Brush and I was given the opportunity to receive and test out the brush about a month ago.  This brush retails for $49 on the Sephora site and to be quite honest the only reason why I agreed to review this product is because of its claims which I will discuss in a bit.
The BECCA One Perfecting Brush claims to be a multitasking product because it is supposed to replace 10 brushes:  Foundation Brush, Powder brush, Contour Brush, Bronzer Brush, Stipple Brush, Blush Brush, Fan Brush, Concealer Brush, Kabuki, or a Sponge. My initial thoughts were WOW this is a bargain product because can you imagine how much money you'd saved with not purchasing any other brushes aside from this one?

Well let's start off with how it actually looks, it's a peculiar shape don't you agree? The handle is about the size of my palm and it is shaped sort of like an odd rectangle, a bit wide for my hands. The actual bristles are amazing, I do have to admit that the bristles feel super soft yet are so densely packed in, and almost feels like a soft puppy! 
Now after using this brush for about a month I can honestly say that in terms of the claims I do not see this brush as a "multitasking product" I simply found it a bit awkward using it any other way aside from contouring. The shape of the brush/bristles makes it a bit difficult to blend out liquid/powder foundation, stippling was a bit odd and took a lot longer with the BECCA brush vs a standard stippling brush. Also, blush didn't apply and blend as evenly as I would have liked.

However this brush is amazing when it comes to  contouring the cheeks, the shape of the brush fits in perfectly aligned with your cheekbones which creates this amazing contouring effect. Also, because the bristles are so packed in, you don't need much product to get that amazing contoured look. Overall, I can see it being a good tool to have when traveling and if you only see yourself using a couple of face products at a time - you could make it work however I simply would not purchase it for $49 since I only use it for applying bronzer.

Have you tried this brush? Do you see yourself using it? Do you own any other multitasking brushes? For additional product information please make sure to visit the Sephora site.
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  1. Nice haul. I love Target!

  2. Thanks Chantel! I love Target as well, and 99.9% of the time I leave Target with some sort of beauty/skincare/haircare's addicting! =)

  3. I would imagine this also takes longer because you'd have to clean it in between products and let it dry, etc !

  4. Absolutely correct Miranda; you'd have to do a lot of spot cleaning....which I normally do not like!

  5. These products are really beneficial for all kind of hair and skin. Thanks for sharing. I will share this will my girl friend. She will definitely like this. Presently she is using some popular hair care products like dryer, styler and straightener.


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