NEW Drugstore Beauty Products

There are dozens of new drugstore beauty products this year, it's actually quite unbelievable to see how many companies came out with new stuff this month alone! As much as I wanted to buy everything I saw, I did contain myself and made a purchase for a few items that I was very interested in testing out (this is in addition to my recent NYX haul).
NEW Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation & NEW Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser
These items have been talked and raved about for the past couple of weeks and I am excited to get my hands on a few of them to test them out!  I purchased 4 brand new drugstore products which are: the Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser, the Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation, the Physician's Formula Super CC+ Cream, and the Physician's Formula Curl + Care CC Mascara. I've already tested out the Pore Eraser and the Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation and already have a pretty good idea of how I feel about them, so I will be doing first impressions posts in the next week or so.
NEW Physician's Formula Beauty Products
I love trying new products especially drugstore beauty, and I was quite surprised to see so many companies are coming out with brand new stuff all at once.  However, I noticed that drugstore beauty products are getting kind of expensive....have you noticed? It seems that the price of foundations and lipsticks has drastically increased over the last few years; nonetheless still very affordable compared to high end products! Have you tried any of these NEW Drugstore Beauty Products?
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Affordable Makeup Storage Organizers

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If you visit Hautelook right now, one of their "home" events is offering some amazing deals on Affordable (Makeup) Storage Organizers! A lot of these items are meant for beauty products but some are for jewelry however can easily be used to store makeup!


If you've been wanting to get your makeup/vanity organized (like me) then this is your chance to find great quality storage organizers at unbelievable prices (which are around 30-55% off retail price). For additional Affordable Makeup Storage Organizers please make sure to visit Hautelook today -- this event ends next Tuesday at 1pm Pacific; while supplies last.

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Worth The Splurge? Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick

High End Beauty Items Worth The Splurge.... I'm going to start a brand new series here on GlitzGlamBudget which I will be showcasing high end beauty/skincare/haircare items that I believe are worth the splurge.  99% of my blog consists of drugstore beauty products, but I know there are many products out there that I've tried which are high end and are worth the hefty price tag, so hopefully I can help you make a better decision on which high end products to splurge on and which ones to pass up on!
Colors From L to R: Marshmallow Bunny, Naked Dolly, & Spice Spice Baby. 
Today I want to share with you my thoughts on the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick, they retail for $22.00 for a .11 oz tube of product.  I never thought that in a million years I would recommend a lip product that retails for that much money however these lip creams are so worth it. 
 Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick Colors
Colors From L to R: Marshmallow Bunny, Naked Dolly, & Spice Spice Baby. 
I wouldn't call them lipsticks because the texture and feel of this product is like no other out there. They feel like a super hydrating lip balm, so creamy and smooth, and the pigmentation is very subtle and natural, which I love.
These lip creams are not tacky at all and not a bit sticky, and I was initially amazed that the lasting power of these lip creams is around 3-4 hours, which is pretty unbelievable considering the amount of hydration these creams provide to your lips. I also love the packaging, the gold tube makes the lip creams look so sleek, since it's normally not what I am used to with drugstore lip products. Also, the box that these lip creams comes in is so adorable and very fairy tale-like!
 Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lipstick Packaging
I believe these are well worth the splurge because you only need a tiny bit of product to achieve maximum color and super hydration, therefore these lip creams will last a very long time making the price very fair. These lip creams can be purchased through the Too Faced site, Sephora, and Ulta for the same price. Have you tried the Too Faced La Creme Color Drenched Lip Creme? What do you think about them?
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Affordable Drugstore DUPE/Alternative to the BITE Lush Lip Gloss

The BITE Lush Lip Glosses look amazing, I admire them every time I step into a Sephora store, but each gloss retails for $22.00 for a 0.13 oz, luckily I have found an affordable drugstore alternative, call it a close DUPE for a fraction of the price.
BITE Lush Lip Gloss Cheaper Alternative
The ELF Beauty School Shiny (Plumping) Glosses are $3.00 for a set of 3 (.243 oz/each) and as luck would have it, these shiny glosses are very close in color and texture as the BITE glosses. They are both very sticky in texture, both last about the same amount of time (roughly a couple of hours before having to re-apply) and both have similar pigmentation (pretty good for glosses).

BITE Lush Lip Gloss Cheaper Alternative
By the way, although the elf glosses are called "plumping" there's no plumping affect at all, these are regular glosses which do look very beautiful alone or on top of any lipsticks (just like the BITE glosses). Also, if you look at the swatches above, you can see the colors are very similar between the elf glosses and the BITE glosses.
BITE Lush Lip Gloss Swatches Colors
BITE Colors in Order from L to R: Cocoa, Honey, Strawberry. ELF Colors in Order from L to R: Joyful, Festive, Merry.
Overall, I am happy to say that the ELF Beauty School Shiny (Plumping) Glosses are an affordable drugstore alternative (call it a DUPE) for the BITE Lush Lip Glosses, and for a fraction of the price they are well worth giving them a try!  Have you tried either brand? What do you think about these glosses? Have you found a cheaper alternative to the BITE glosses?
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NEW Kiss Nail Products: Gel Fantasy Ready To Wear Gel Nails

Get ready for some brand new Kiss Nail products! Kiss Nails just released their new Gel Fantasy Ready to Wear Gel Nails! Here's what Kiss had to say: 
"You can sport a sparkling glitter manicure that stays shiny and bright with an ultra-smooth finish, without the hassle of glitter removal!  Two ways to wear… Whether you choose to glue them on or use the mega-adhesive tabs, they’ll wear for up to a week. "
Drugstore Press on Fake Nails
With this set you can expect to get 24 nails, a pink gel glue, a manicure stick, 24 Mega-Adhesive tabs, and a mini file. These retail for around $7.99 online and in many drugstores nationwide, these are well worth it for a week's long manicure!  Below is an how to video from Kiss Nails!
Will you be picking up a set? What do you think about press on nails? I adore Kiss Nail products and the adhesive tabs on their nails doesn't damage natural nails, and they last a long time yet are not a hassle to remove!
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