How I Organize My Makeup Collection With Extra Large Cosmetic Stackable Drawers

Hautelook Extra Large Cosmetic Stackable Drawers
I've been recently trying to organize my makeup collection and I spotted these Extra Large Cosmetic Stackable Drawers on Hautelook, so I purchased a few drawers hoping that I could fit a good amount of makeup in there. 
Hautelook Extra Large Cosmetic Stackable Drawers
These are made from Polystyrene but they feel like acrylic drawers; once I received them I was amazed at how sturdy these look and feel, in addition they are huge and fit so many products.
Hautelook Extra Large Cosmetic Stackable Drawers
These stackable drawers are usually on Hautelook every few weeks, so if you're looking to find really good quality storage for your makeup, then I highly encourage you to check it out! I believe these were $21 each although they retail for a lot more; I was able to snag these at an even more affordable price since Hautelook had a $20 off deal a few months ago.
I love seeing my makeup collection organized because I feel like I can see everything that I have so I am more likely to use it!! I do plan on purchasing a few more once they go back on Hautelook, for the quality the price is reasonable, and they look and feel amazing! How do you organize your makeup collection?

Urban Decay Friends & Fanatics Sale 20% OFF

If you've been wanting to get anything from the Urban Decay site now is your chance because they are currently having their Friends and Fanatics sale 20% off their entire site! I've been eyeing the Naked 3 palette and with the discount it will make it just a little bit more affordable! Below are some of my recommendations and also a couple of items which are on my wishlist!
Use code: UDFANATICS14 (online only) While supplies last, discount valid until 10/19:
Urban Decay Friends & Fanatics Sale

LORAC Mega PRO Palette Giveaway (US Only)

Hi ladies! Did you know that Lorac Cosmetics came out with an amazing palette filled with 32 shades, 28 of which are brand new? This is the Lorac Mega PRO Palette and unfortunately it is now sold out, however NOW is your chance to win one of these beautiful palettes! I got together with a few other bloggers to bring you this giveaway; please make sure to check out the rafflecopter form below! Good luck ladies and gents!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette With Swatches!!

If you're looking for an affordable eyeshadow palette with amazing quality shadows then the e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette is for you! This palette retails for $10.00 and it comes with 100 shadows, all with different color variations, different textures, and different finishes.  Today I wanted to show you swatches of two of my favorite shades from this palette, just to give you an idea of how pigmented these colors really are.

First up is a beautiful green, with many specs of golden, green, and tiny red glitters. Next up is a beautiful gold, this color is so pigmented and looks fabulous on the lids, it does also have tiny gold and silver specs of glitters. I tried to zoom in on the pans and swatches just so you can see the specs and textures of these colors.
e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette
Granted there are 100 colors and not every single one of them is pigmented, particularly the really light colors, but nonetheless for $10 you can't beat a palette with that many shadows, and with that much variety. Have you tried this palette? Which is your favorite color from the bunch? FYI these are usually on sale during the holidays, and you can almost always find some sort of coupon code online for ELF discounts!

High End Makeup Palettes I've HIT PAN

Being a beauty blogger, YouTuber, or even just a makeup addict, it's so hard to fully use up a product, particularly a palette. I have way too many palettes, in fact more than I like to admit, but over the past couple of months I've really been trying to focus on using more of my current makeup collection, vs buying more and more items to collect. So I've been trying really hard to use more of my "high end" makeup palettes, simply because these are not cheap items and I want to make sure I didn't waste my money!

Today I am showing you the High End Makeup Palettes that I've "hit pan" and quite frankly I am very proud of not indulging in buying more and more beauty products, unless it's a deal of a lifetime OR I actually need it (like foundation, concealer, etc).

Urban Decay Naked Palette ($54) -- I've been enjoying the matte shades in this palette, they apply very smoothly and last all day long with or without a primer. I hit pan on "Naked" first and just recently hit pan on "Buck" I've literally been using these two combinations as my everyday neutral eye-shadow look.

Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things ($56) -- This palette was available during the 2013 holiday season and I fell in love with the packaging, the shadows, the bronzers, the case, and everything else included! The Chocolate Soleil Bronzer included in this palette has been amazing and I hit pan about a month ago. I do plan on purchasing the full size once I fully finish this one because it truly is a great matte bronzer, applies great, blends really well, and looks natural!
Too Faced A Few of My Favorite Things

Urban Decay Deluxe Shadowbox ($38) I purchased this palette so long ago, in fact I think I got it on sale for less than $15, but I rarely touched it aside from one shade which I hit pan on, called Underground, a beautiful golden brown colr. The palette has a few neutrals and several brighter colors, which is probably why I only hit pan on this one color, nonetheless the quality is pretty good!

So there you have it, the High End Makeup Palettes that I've "hit pan" on! I'm going to keep using up my current makeup collection and will definitely do more of these posts and hopefully you can also join me in using what you already have! I did however make a purchase recently.... let's just say it's from LORAC Cosmetics -- another post will be up soon about my purchase so stay tuned!

Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge

I generally use liquid soap when showering and the one thing I hate is when I use a shower sponge that doesn't lather my soap as good as it should or doesn't feel right on the skin. I've used so many different types of sponges throughout my life and I have truly found my holy grail of sponges. Now you're probably thinking "a shower sponge is just a shower sponge" but once you try a Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge then your showering experience will be 100 times different.

The Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge retails for $3.50, it comes in 4 different colors (white, pink, purple, and teal) and can be purchased online and in store as well.  The sponge itself has a very smooth texture to it, which feels amazing on the skin, and it also allows any shower gel to lather instantly, without having to pack on more and more shower gel.
Have you ever tried the Target brand shower sponge? Those are pretty good for the same affordable prices, but this BBW one is a lot better in terms of how it feels on the skin. Also, the Bath and Body Works Shower Sponge lasts a very long time while still having the same amazing shape and feel, unlike the Target one (or many others I've tried) where they lose their shape after a month.

I've been using mine for months, and it still looks great.  Online they have a different strap on these shower sponges but they're basically the same thing! I would highly recommend anyone to try these out, they are amazing, feel great, lathers any liquid soap very well, and they are super affordable.

KISS Ever EZ Lashes Review

Today I wanted to bring you a quick review of the lashes I've been wearing all Summer long, they are the KISS Ever EZ Lashes! This particular one comes with 1 set of lashes along with lash tweezers, which is really helpful for any beginners learning to apply fake lashes. This set is sold at most major retailers: Walmart, CVS, Walgreen's, and online, for around $3.99.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
The set I have comes with the "natural" lashes (#KPL01) which honestly does look a little bit dramatic for me, I think it's because I don't normally wear lashes but they can be used on a daily basis and look as if you have a really good lengthening mascara.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes

I've used this set of lashes literally all Summer long and they are still in great shape; I do clean them periodically with makeup remover (to get rid of any mascara). The only con about this set is that it doesn't come with lash glue, but you can really use any lash glue, since they are generally very inexpensive anyways.
Affordable Drugstore Fake Eye Lashes
Overall I love these lashes, same time last year I was a true false lashes beginner but these sets (which by the way I have a handful of different lashes from KISS) they have taught me how to apply falsies, super quick and easily! Plus these are very affordable, for less than $4.00 you get long-lasting lashes and tweezers to help you out. Have you tried these sets before or any KISS lashes? What do you think of them?

August Free Beauty Events

It's that time again where I bring you the latest information on Free Beauty Events that are going on near you!  In August, make sure to check out the TRESemme SaturDate with Beauty on 8/23 for a free Music Award Style Tip Card and a coupon for TRESemme products.

Information like this is available through a site I visit often; the site is, a place where you can enter your zip code to find out what makeovers, gift with purchases, spa open houses and sampling events are happening near your home.  In addition, they have contests with some pretty awesome prizes and in their current contest they will be giving away 5 prizes. Each prize will consist of:

Free Beauty Events

Revlon ColorBurst Balm Stain-Romantic
Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm-Vivacious
Revlon Age Defying Wrinkle Remedy Line Filler
Simple Facial Wipes, Cleansing 

The Contest runs from 7/1/2014 to 9/30/2014
winners will be chosen on 10/1/2014 and notified by 10/15/2014.

All you have to do is go to and supply your name, email (only used to contact winners), and zip code.

You can follow FreeBeautyEvents in many ways, and I suggest you follow them to be up to date on beauty events, contest, and product reviews as well:
Facebook    Google+    Pinterest    Twitter

My Current Beauty Empties

Hello Friends! For the past couple of months I haven't really bought many beauty  products, and if you remember my post a few months ago I couldn't quite go on a Makeup Strike... so lately I've been trying to use up products that I already have in my makeup collection!  By doing this I've discovered new and amazing products, yet also revisited old time favorites.  Well today I wanted to show you My Current Beauty Empties, which consists of only a handful of items, but I'm very proud of myself for being able to control myself when it comes to all the amazing beauty deals that have been going on the past few months.

ELF HD Lifting Concealer -- I honestly didn't know what to think about this concealer, I haven't had too much luck with ELF face products (foundations, BB creams, etc) but this concealer worked pretty well on hiding my dark circles! It is not too thick nor thin, it applies really well, easily blends, and does offer pretty good coverage. For only $3.00, this .256 oz concealer is pretty amazing and I do plan on purchasing more in the near future.

LORAC Front of the Line PRO Eyeliner -- This eyeliner is the best waterproof eyeliner I have ever tried!  It lasted me so long, didn't dry out at all, glides on super easily, it is pitch black, and waterproof/smudge-proof! The price tag does hurt, at $23, but quite honestly it is an investment worth making! 

Clinique Take The Day Off Makeup Remover -- I purchased this with high expectations and it did work well and did an awesome job in removing my waterproof makeup without feeling greasy, but I don't plan on purchasing it again due to it's price tag ($18, 4.2oz). 

NYX Dark Circle Concealer -- This concealer is amazing, it lasts a really long time because  a little bit of product is all you need, it blends well, and most importantly it covers dark circles. My only complaint is the color was a bit too light for me, so I plan on purchasing a darker color which hopefully will match me better! This retails $6.00 and it's well worth it, plus it's buy one get one 50% off at Ulta right now!

Physician's Formula Organic Wear CC Mascara -- This mascara didn't work quite as well as I would have liked. The mascara applied very wet and remained very wet throughout the day, which contributed to smudges onto my lower lids/waterline. Aside from that the mascara did separate my lashes pretty well, which gave them the appearance of volume, which is always good. The price is $9.99 but it is currently BOGO 50% off at Ulta.

ELF Mascara Primer -- I believe this was a favorite a few months ago because it helped separate my lashes, lengthen, and helped my mascara apply smoothly without any clumps. For only $3.00 it is well worth and I plan on purchasing a few more very soon!

Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara -- this product goes to show that you truly need to test out something before you judge it. When I tried this the first few times I didn't like, I didn't know what the fuss was about. But I used it with the ELF Mascara Primer and fell in love! This mascara is amazing, it lengthens, give you volume, makes your lashes look a lot fuller, almost like you're wearing falsies! It is $23 for a full sized tube, which I do plan on purchasing in the future, hopefully with a discount code!

Tweezerman Brow Mousse -- This stuff is AMAZING! I've tried endless brow gels and brow mousses and this clear mousse by far is the best! It applies smoothly and evenly, dries fairly fast and allows your brows to stay put all day no matter how many times you touch your face! It retails for around $12 and it's worth it, I highly recommend it!

So there you have it, My Current Beauty Empties! I'm going to continue to use up my current makeup collection, and try to spend less at the beauty counters, so I will keep you posted on my journey with new empties every so often! Have you tried revisiting some of your beauty collection? You never know you may find some new favorites!

NEW Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows

I have more exciting news for you today! I received notification of the NEW Milani Cosmetics Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadows line which comes with an amazing assortment of gel powder eye shadows!  The line consists of 30 beautiful colors, from vibrant bright blues, to neutral and deep browns, each retailing for $3.99 for 0.5 oz of product. These shadows can be used wet or dry and what is awesome is that they come in a variety of finishes, from matte, metallic, to shimmer and more! To check out these shadows please make sure to visit the Milani Cosmetics site.
Image Source Milani Cosmetics PR
Here's what Milani says about these new products:
"A gel powder – what would that even look like? We’ll tell you: It looks like rich, vibrant color that glides on in a single stroke, delivering a stunning multi-dimensional effect. What makes it a gel powder? Well, the formula starts as a gel and then is transformed by a special process into a stunning powder eyeshadow with pure color and power wear.

The unique process allows you to blend this incredibly innovative, weightless formula easily with your fingertips to light up your eyes. Even more to entice: It can used wet or dry, resists creasing,and comes in satin matte, shimmer and iridescent metallic finishes. You just have to try this gel powder. It’s that different."

I am super excited to try these out, they sound amazing and I will be sure to report back with reviews and swatches once I get my hands on a few colors! 

NEW Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Nail Laquers

I have some exciting news to share with you today! I received information on the NEW Milani Cosmetics Color Statement Nail Laquers. This line contains 37 beautiful polishes, all of different finishes including sheer, metallic, cream, and more!  These polishes are currently available on the Milani Cosmetics site and they retail for $3.99 each for 0.34 oz of product. which is an amazing price! To check out these polishes please visit the Milani Cosmetics site.
Image Source: Milani Cosmetics PR
 Here's what Milani says about these new polishes: 
"This is your time to shine, with nails that drop-dead dazzle. Our new lacquer – the richest, most color-saturated formula in our lineup - delivers on a long list of patent-pending promises: Exceptional gloss that actually lasts. Detergent and Chip-resistance. Maximum nail protection. In so many different finishes – cream, sheer, metallic. And so many different shades – 37 in total, from neutrals to full-on fashion hues. There’s even a mini set of shimmer and special effects options. Oh so much love with this great lacquer."

Once I get my hands on a few of these polishes I will be sure to report back and provide a review with swatches! Are you as excited about these polishes as I am?

Try Any 3 Zoya Colors Free

As a special thank you, Zoya is letting you try any 3-Colors-FREE
Just pay special Shipping & Handling.

Valid NOW through 7/6/14
How it works:
1. Add at least three (3) Zoya Nail Polish shades to your shopping cart, along with any additional items you wish to purchase. 

2. Enter Code THREEDOM into the coupon code field in cart and press "Apply Code".

3. Complete check-out, review and submit order.

*Terms & ConditionsValid online only at NOW - 07/06/14 (11:59pm EST). Shipping & Processing Fee of $12 applies. Not valid in conjunction with other coupons, codes or promotions. Continental US only. Art of Beauty is not responsible for incorrect addresses, credit card entry errors, web related issues or any errors associated with declined credit cards. Returns or exchanges of promotional items not permitted. Code must be entered at time of purchase - code cannot be reinstated for canceled orders. Please allow up to 4 weeks for shipping if volume warrants it. Limit 1 promotional order per account. Consumer accounts ONLY. Excludes all nail treatments. - See more at:!/?Moment=1883#sthash.Bq7Le73y.dpuf

FREE Love Word Necklace

You can get a free LOVE word necklace with no purchase necessary! All you have to do is visit SHOTCOST (a site full of wholesale deals) sign up for a free account, add to your cart, you will be prompted to LIKE their Facebook page, and have this pretty necklace mailed to you for FREE!
**New Users Only**

This necklace retails for $50, shotcost sells it for $13.99, so getting this pretty necklace for free is an awesome deal!
This deal ends in about 13 hours so hurry!! 

24 Hours of Beauty Deals! Join the Party

Currently on (Home Shopping Network) they are having a pretty cool event consisting of 24 Hours of Beauty Deals! Below are a few of the items I am currently eyeing! Many items are on sale and all beauty items have free shipping!
High End Beauty Items on Sale

Retails for $31.18 HSN Beauty Deal Price: $15.50 (plus free shipping)

Retails for $31.18 HSN Beauty Deal Price: $15.50 (plus free shipping)

Retails for $19.00 HSN Beauty Deal Price: $13.50 (plus free shipping)

Retails for $42.00 HSN Beauty Deal Price: $15.00 (plus free shipping)

Remember, there is free shipping on all beauty items, today only! Please make sure to check out all the deals on the HSN site.

imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails

I recently went to a graduation ceremony, was sort of last minute so I didn't have any time to get my nails done, or even time to paint them myself so I turned to my trustworthy imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails to get the job done in minutes! The color I selected is called "First Date" and it is a pretty brown/gray color, which matched perfectly with my outfit.
imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails in First Date
If you don't know what imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails are then you're missing out because these babies are pretty amazing press on nails that last a good 5 days (average) and look amazing. What I love about these nails is that they look real and they don't stick on with crazy glue and damage your nails, the glue on the nails is strong enough to last many days yet gentle enough to not damage your natural nails! Just peel off the sticker from behind the nails, place onto your nails, press down and there you have it, beautiful nails for days on days!
imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails in First Date
For less than $5.00 if you're looking for an amazing manicure that wont hurt your wallet nor damage your nails then I highly encourage you to pick up a set of the imPRESS Press On Manicure Nails, which by the way come in a wide range of colors and patterns! These are sold at all major drugstores and you can find all the variety of colors on the imPRESS website.

Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy SLEEP Body Lotion in Lavender Vanilla

About a month ago I visited my local Bath and Body Works and purchased their Aromatherapy SLEEP Body Lotion in Lavender Vanilla. It was the very first time I purchased anything from their Aromatherapy line, simply because they are priced a little bit higher than their regular BBW products.  Nonetheless this particular lotion intrigued me because of it's description: "RELAX BEFORE SLEEP - Lavender Essential Oil and Vanilla Absolute help cal feelings of stress so you can sleep better."

I've been having trouble sleeping for a while now, so when I saw this at BBW I thought to myself no way this will work. I stood there reading the description, smelling it, honestly debating for over 10 minutes whether I wanted to purchase it. The hesitation was the price tag because it is $13.00, and funny enough my hubby convinced me to buy it and give it a try (I honestly think he was tired of waiting for me), so I did purchase it full price with no discounts.
I've been using this product for about a month and I can honestly say it was the best $13 bucks I've ever spent! I'm not saying that this is a miracle cure for sleeping disorders, but for me this has helped me sleep better at night! The main ingredient in this lotion is Lavender Essential Oil, lavender seeds and flowers actually help with sleep and relaxation, and that is exactly how this lotion makes me feel -- very relaxed. I apply it after taking my nightly shower, all over my body, and lay in bed reading a book, I feel very relaxed which allows me to sleep easier, quicker, and a lot better than before!

The lotion is very creamy and hydrates my skin, it dries very quickly which is great because I can easily and quickly slip into my pajamas and lay in bed! My skin feels super soft immediately after each use and in the mornings as well, and the scent is amazing and unbelievable! It is strong enough to last a few hours yet subtle enough where it wont irritate scent-sensitive people.

I would highly recommend the Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Body Lotion SLEEP Lavender Vanilla not only for those who have problems sleeping at night, but for anyone looking for a hydrating lotion that will relax your body yet smell amazing as well! To check out the product please visit the BBW site, and remember BBW always has some sort of amazing deal so be on the look out for deals and coupons on their website!

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo in Tough As Taupe

I recently purchased my first ever Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow and I am simply impressed and bummed out that I didn't give these a try years ago! The shade I have is #35 Tough As Taupe, and it is a beautiful gray color, which can be build-able to a deeper gray.

Maybelline does classify these color tattoos as cream gel shadows but the consistency is a lot thicker than any cream or gel shadows that I own. I actually prefer the thickness of these shadows because I find that it allows powdered shadows to stick on better for a deeper and long lasting color intensity. I do wear these color tattoos alone but do prefer to top them off with powdered shadows, to increase the longevity of the wear.
Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadows
I find that when I wear the color tattoos alone, it begins to crease after about 8 hours, but if I use these as sort of like a base or primer and top it off with powdered shadows then it pretty much lasts over 12 hours without creasing. FYI, I have not tested these out for 24 hours...I  mean really who wears makeup for 24 hours? Nonetheless, I do love this product and love how it looks alone and even as a base. As seen below in the swatches, the eyeshadow is intensified when applied over the color tattoo.
Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow Swatches
I do apply the color tattoos with my fingers because I feel like I can control the amount of product I apply a lot better, and to me it applies more evenly and smoother with my fingers. Also, the finish seems to be matte, but a little bit of sheen can be seen depending on the lighting, which I love and it is why I picked this particular color up, since most of their other ones are metallic. Currently on the Maybelline website, they have 10 total colors, I know in the past they've had limited edition ones, and who knows maybe in the near future they will come out with more!

These generally retail for around $6.99, I purchased mine from Ulta when they had their 40% off sale, so I got this baby for a super affordable price! Currently these color tattoos are Buy One Get One 50% off at Ulta so if you're interested I suggest you check out the sale! Have you tried any of the Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo Cream Gel Eye-shadows? Which colors and finish do you love the most?

Get The Look: Selena Gomez Dramatic Met Gala Red Carpet Beauty Look 2014

Sponsored --Brought To You By Mary Kay
A few weeks ago I was watching the Met Gala Red Carpet event and was amazed at how beautiful Selena Gomez's makeup looked, so today I wanted to show you how you can also get the look in a few easy steps using a variety of very affordable and amazing Mary Kay products.
 Met Gala Red Carpet Beauty Looks 2014

1) Sweep Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Shimmering Lilac over the eyelids and then lightly dab Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in SparklingWhite below the brow bone and the inner corners of the eyes for a subtle highlight.

2) With Mary Kay GelEyeliner in Jet Black, carefully define the upper eyelid and then create a small wing to the outer corner of the eye for a subtle cat eye effect.

3) For long, dramatic lashes, apply two coats of Mary Kay Lash, Love, Lengthening Mascara in I <3 Black.

4) Lightly contour with Mary Kay Bronzing Powder to add a touch of color to the face.

5) For Selena’s deep purple pout, line the lips with Mary Kay Lip Liner in Plum and then fill in the lips with Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Berry a laMode.

6) Set the look with Mary Kay Makeup Finishing Spray bySkindinävia to keep the look fresh for up to 16 hours!!

So there you have it, create Selena Gomez's dramatic Met Gala Red Carpet Look in minutes without breaking the bank! I love this look and can totally see myself rocking this out on an evening out with the hubby and even on a girls night out, and guess what friends? Mary Kay has been so kind in offering one of GlitzGlamBudget's readers a massive prize including all of the items mentioned above!  Now you too can also create this Selena Gomez Dramatic Met Gala Red Carpet Beauty Look! Just follow the rafflecopter form below; Good Luck friends!
Mary Kay Cosmetics

Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Matte Bronzers

Press Release; Photos Source Milani Cosmetics
Hello friends! I received some very excited press release information and wanted to share it with you all!  If you're not beach ready you will be once you check out the Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Bronzers, and guess what ladies (and gents), they are both MATTE! These limited edition bronzers will be available this month at Walgreen's and currently on the Milani website.
Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Matte Bronzers
Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Bronzers
.25 oz Retails for $8.99/each
Shades: #07 Sienna (L), #08 Sunset (R)

Milani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Matte Bronzer 07-SiennaMilani Cosmetics Limited Edition Baked Matte Bronzer 08-Sunset
As you can see above, the new bronzers come in 2 matte colors: 07 Sienna and 08 Sunset; have you spotted these shades yet at your local Walgreen's yet? I actually just received both shades which I will be reviewing very soon, so please make sure to check back!

Buy One, Get One FREE on All Physicians Formula products!

I received an email from Physicians Formula stating that all of their products are currently Buy One, Get One FREE at Target! This deal is only available in stores, not online, May 11th through May 24th!
Have you spotted the BOGO FREE signs at your local Target's Physicians Formula section? I am heading to Target this weekend so I can take advantage of this amazing deal!!
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Bath and Body Works: Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Collection

Press Samples; Powered by Bath & Body Works
I've been currently addicted to the Bath and Body Works Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Collection and today I wanted to share with you these amazing products and exactly why I love them!  I have the shower gel, body lotion, and the fragrance mist and I love how each product works so well with one another.

I start off with the Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber, Shea & Vitamin E infused Shower Gel. I love this product because a little bit of gel is all you need since it lathers so well! I love how moisturizing it feels, but also very refreshing to the skin! Retails $12.50.

Once out of the shower I use the Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber, also Shea & Vitamin E infused Body Lotion. This lotion feel amazing on the skin, particularly during these super hot sunny days because it offers a lot of hydration. My skin has been a little dry due to this sudden heat wave (90 degree weather) so this lotion has tremendously helped! It also dries super quickly which is what I love in a body lotion, because I can literally apply and be on the go! Retails $12.50.

Lastly, I spray the Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber Fine Fragrance Mist. This mist is the frosting to the perfect cupcake, it smells amazing and is long lasting as well! What I also love about it is that the scent is not too overpowering yet it is strong enough for people to notice how amazing it is! Retails $14.00.

The actual scent is amazing, it is floral with a sweet fruit kick to it; if you love sweet floral with Hawaiian scents then you will love this collection! Can we also talk about how adorable and super cute/feminine the packaging is? I love it!!! Currently this collection (along with many more products) are on sale on the BBW site where you can Buy 3 Get 2 FREE....AMAZING!! Please make sure to check it out!
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Press Samples. All opinions are my own.

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