FREE SAMPLE: Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo and Conditioner

The new Garnier Triple Nutrition has 3 nourishing oils: avocado, almond and olive. So say bye-bye to dry hair and hello to healthier, shinier hair in just 1 use! Try a free sample today by clicking here.
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Rules: 18+ years of age to receive sample, US Residents Only, while supplies last, allow 8-10 weeks for delivery.  Enjoy!
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Real Purity Lipstick In Parfait

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I wanted to show you a lipstick that I've been wearing lately, it is the Real Purity Lipstick in Parfait.  It is a very pretty pink/fuchsia/light purple lipstick with a bit of frost and shine to it. Real Purity is actually an all natural company, where they sell cosmetics, hair care, body care, and much more. Their story is pretty awesome because they are one of the first companies in the world to focus on 100% natural and organic health and beauty products!
Organic Natural Pink Lipstick
As you've noticed from a lot of my lip swatches I love pink lipsticks, but I do have a few favorites that are red so stay tuned for a future lip swatch overload post coming your way!  If you're interested in checking out the Real Purity Lipsticks please make sure to visit the Real Purity site for additional product information.
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ELF Cosmetics Studio Line Lotion Wipes in Sweet Mango

On my recent ELF Cosmetics haul one of the items I purchased was the ELF Cosmetics Studio Line Lotion Wipes in Sweet Mango, I was really interested in trying out this product and I've used the wipes on and off for about a week so today I bring you my first impressions/review.

The concept for these wipes is simple, basically it's a moistened wipe that looks and feels exactly like makeup remover wipes, however you wipe it onto your body and it's supposed to make your skin feel smooth and hydrated as if you just applied lotion.  Here's what ELF says about this product: 

"Hydrate your body with silky smooth moisture. The light and airy lotion moisturizes your skin, keeping it soft and supple all day long. These convenient Lotion Wipes are great for on-the-go travel and mess-free application. Just throw them in your purse or bag for soothing and refreshing moisture without carrying around a bulky lotion bottle."

First off let me talk about the scent, upon first pulling out a wipe I did notice a very nice sweet mango scent, once applied onto the skin the scent was barely there, once the product dried the scent almost completely went away; this is something to think about if you're one of those ladies that applies lotion only because you like to smell good. Now onto the application process:
Elf Cosmetics Studio Line Lotion Wipes
I first used these wipes on a hot sunny day, I was really sweaty and these wipes felt very cooling and refreshing on my skin.  The wipes are moistened enough where you can easily apply this all over your arms and legs, and it does take about a minute to fully dry. Luckily once it dried my skin didn't feel sticky in fact it did feel very smooth. However, when I used this on an average day (at work actually) where I wasn't sweaty or hot and the wipes seemed too wet and took longer to dry and probably because my skin didn't need the hydration.

Overall, I do agree that these wipes are very convenient and perfect for on the go, so having said that I prefer to use these wipes when I'm out on hikes and bike-riding basically on days where my skin is super hot and sweaty and I need the extra hydration and cooling effect, but on a daily basis I prefer regular lotion that doesn't feel as "wet" as the ELF lotion wipes felt.  These regularly go for $3.00 but I purchased them for $1.50 since I had a 50% off coupon; the package comes with 15 wipes and they do have other scents such as coconut, honey, cucumber, etc.  

Have you tried these wipes before? What do you think about them? Which scent have you tried and/or prefer? If you'd like more product information please visit the ELF Cosmetics site.
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Secret Deodorant Scent Expressions Fresh & Fabulous

On my most recent trip to Target I purchased a new deodorant which was the Secret Deodorant Scent Expressions Fresh & Fabulous in the scent Cocoa Butter Kiss (the invisible solid), which retailed for about $3.50.  I generally use Secret Deodorant but always lean towards the powdered scent, but what intrigued me to buy this particular one was the sweet scent, the idea of cocoa butter just sold me immediately!

The Cocoa Butter Kiss deodorant smells amazing, if you like coconut and sweet smelling products then this deodorant is perfect for you!  Not only that, it applies smoothly onto the underarms and although it's a solid form it does not stain your clothing with those horrible white streaks!
Secret Deodorant
Photo Source:
The scent is strong initially (which I like) but throughout the day the scent does slowly go away, but even in your toughest sweatiest days this deodorant does the job perfectly, helps minimize sweat and no bad odor whatsoever!

The Scent Expressions line does come with 6 different scented deodorants for the invisible solid, 7 for the clear gel, and 5 matching body sprays.  The line is amazing, in fact I want to go back to Target and purchase the matching body spray for around the same price....super affordable!  Have you ever tried this deodorant before? Which deodorant do you currently use? I am interested to see if anyone has tried any other scents from the Scent Expressions line! For more product information please make sure to visit the Secret website.
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NYX Cosmetics At Target

Yes you read that correctly, NYX Cosmetics is now available at select Target stores! When I saw NYX tweet about it I was ecstatic because they are one of my all time favorite brands and now I can easily purchase their products at a local Target store (vs online or at Ulta)!  
NYX Cosmetics
Hopefully you're as excited as I am!! Find the nearest location by visiting:

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Too Faced Cosmetics On SALE!!!

Did you know that right now Too Faced Cosmetics is having a major sale on a few of their products? The sale prices range from $5.00 to $22.00; which is pretty unbelievable for Too Face Cosmetics!  I really want to try the Shadow Bon Bons palette (below), worth $147, regularly priced at $42 but it's on sale for $22!

Have you tried any Too Faced Cosmetics before? Which is your favorite product? To check out this sale make sure to visit the Too Faced Cosmetics website.
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