Sneakpeek NEW 2014 Milani Cosmetics Products

Over the past several weeks, Milani Cosmetics has been posting sneak-peeks of many of their new products! I wanted to share pictures of their new amazing products in case you don't have Instagram or don't follow Milani Cosmetics! All these products look amazing and I honestly cannot contain myself with all the excitement, Milani Cosmetics is such an affordable brand but they can honestly be compared to higher end makeup! 

If I get additional information as to when these products come out and what their prices will be, I will definitely be sure to share that information with you all...for now all I know is that these are new 2014 items!

**Disclaimer: All photos below are from Milani Cosmetics Instagram**
NEW Milani Cosmetics Lip Tense
NEW Milani Cosmetics Baked Blush

NEW Milani Cosmetics Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss
NEW Milani Cosmetics Brow Products
NEW Milani Cosmetics Lip Tense
NEW Milani Cosmetics Brow Highlighter
NEW Milani Cosmetics Polishes
Which 2014 Milani Cosmetics products are you most excited about? I would honestly have to say all of them because they all look amazing, and of course I am certain the price point will be pretty awesome as well! Please make sure to follow Milani Cosmetics on Instagram for updates and more sneak-peeks of new 2014 items!! 
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**Disclaimer: All photos above are from Milani Cosmetics Instagram**

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  1. The Lip Intense glosses certainly look interesting!


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