NEW ELF Products (BB Cream, Moisturizing Lipsticks, Palettes, etc)

In case you haven't heard ELF Cosmetics has come out with a few new products the past month, some of which I just purchased yesterday so look out for reviews.  I wanted to show you pictures and swatches that ELF posted on their Instragram page because you can still use a 50% off entire website coupon code which was available on Cyber Monday PLUS free shipping on orders over $35; code is CYBER50.

The first new product which I purchased was their NEW BB Cream, it retails for $3.00, for a 1.06oz of product. Honestly I haven't had much luck with some of ELF's face products (review of their HD foundation is coming soon) so I was hesitant but for $1.50 I thought I would try it out.  It comes in 6 different shades and below are swatches from ELF's Instagram feed:
NEW Elf BB Cream
The next product I purchased was their NEW Moisturizing Lipsticks, they also retails for $3.00 but I purchased them for $1.50 with discount, and they have a wide range of colors! I purchased a few different colors so I am hoping they are all pigmented but also moisturizing! Below is a picture that ELF posted on their Instagram page of all the new lipsticks:
ELF NEW Moisturizing Lipsticks
The also have a lot of new Holiday palettes, I actually purchased one which was the 50 Piece Makeup Artist palette because I love how it comes with 10 blush/bronzers and 40 eyeshadows.  This palette is originally $25, but it's on sale for $15 AND you can use the 50% off coupon code, which makes it $7.00! Here's a picture from the ELF site (the top Right is the palette I purchased):
ELF NEW Holiday Palettes
My ELF order probably wont arrive for another 2 weeks therefore if you're interested in purchasing any of these items I would say go for it since I don't know when the CYBER50 code will expire and I don't know when the free shipping will go away either!  Have you tried any of their new items? For 50% off the entire site it is definitely not a bad deal!
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  1. I'm so excited for the bb cream to show up near me!! Love that they included such a great range of skin shades.

  2. Don't the lipsticks sell for $3? Anyways, I can't wait until you get swatches up!

  3. that bb cream shade selection is so disappointing. but those lippies look like they'll be fun!

  4. I do think they included a good amount of shades, and I'm excited to try it out!

  5. Yes, they are $3.00 but with the coupon code I paid $1.50 each...pretty good deal! Hopefully they are pigmented enough and I will def have swatches up! I only bought a few just to make sure I love them, and hopefully I'll purchase more later!

  6. I think with BB creams you don't have to have that many shades because they are generally so sheer therefore 1 color can look good on a variety of skintones, just like Ponds BB cream only has 3 different shades. I'm really hoping the benefits are true, which are: Prime, protect, and moisturize....fingers crossed!

  7. Excited to see your lipstick choices!


  8. Brittnee I will definitely post swatches! I've been on a lipstick mania phase lately, were I've been buying way too many lip products....BUT at least they are all very budget friendly!

  9. what bothers me is that, even with your explanation there, which makes total sense...we still get nice variations of lighter variations, but then that ONE little lonely dark color for us deeper beauties to just have to put up with. THAT doesn't sit well with me.


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