ELF Studio Angled Blush Brush

One of my all time favorite brushes is the ELF Studio Angled Blush Brush, for only $3.00 this brush easily compares to a lot of high end brushes that I own.

The bristles on this brush are very thick and nicely packed in together, which is pretty amazing because it packs on the product and applies the product without any effort at all!  The brush bristles are very soft as well which is perfect for even the most sensitive skin, yet dense enough to actually get the job done!
I use this brush for both blush and bronzer and I simply love it! The shape of this brush is amazing and since it is angled it makes the contour process super simply and quickly. In fact, I learned how to contour with this brush so I highly recommend it to any beginners looking to learn how to apply bronzer and blush!

Overall for only $3.00 you can't go wrong with this brush, regardless whether you own high end brushes, this ELF Studio Angled Blush Brush is a staple in any beauty lover! If you want to learn more about this brush please visit the ELF website.
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