Bath and Body Works Fall Mini Candles

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I've always loved Bath and Body Works candles, quite honestly no other brand can compare! Recently I had the opportunity to try out a few of their mini Fall scents and I am in love with them so I wanted to share my quick thoughts with you all!

The scents I received were: Black Tie, Peach Bellini, and Party Dress. 

Black Tie is such a masculine scent, but I truly believe any woman would love to have this lit up in their home. It smells just like a man's cologne, quite honestly I could smells this all day long!

Peach Bellini is the perfect feminine scent and a candle that I would normally gear towards because it has such a beautiful light sweet peach and orange aroma.

Party Dress is in between feminine and masculine, it has a very light mature aroma which I love. It does contain jasmine in it which is why I strongly believe this candle to be very therapeutic and relaxing.
These candles retail for $4.50 for a 1.3 oz container; well worth it because the candles last a long time, the scent lingers throughout the home for many hours, and also these make the perfect gift especially with the holidays coming our way! If you want to check out the rest of the BBW Mini Candles please visit the BBW site.
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  1. I have Peach Bellini and it smells amazing! Love their candles!

  2. That scent is amazing and lovely all year round! Natasha, I cannot get enough of their candles!

  3. Peach Bellini is my fave! I found that Party Dress to be surprisingly masculine!


  4. I just burned through the last of my Glade candles, and I think I might have to make a trip to BBW.... :D


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