ELF Studio Cream Blushes (Review & Swatches)

Several months ago I purchased the ELF Studio Cream Blushes in 3 different colors: Heart-breaker, Flirt, and Tease.  They retail for $3.00/each for .53 oz of product however I purchased them for $1.50/each since I had a 50% off coupon. The packaging is very fancy in my opinion, they come in very sturdy acrylic jars with sleek black caps, they look amazing, only downside is that they are sort of heavy and not very travel friendly; nonetheless the product itself is amazing.
Affordable Pigmented Cream Blushes
These cream blushes are amazing, first of all they feel so bouncy when touched with fingers, the texture is truly nothing I have felt before because they feel super smooth to the touch.  I like to apply these with a stippling brush, and it's so amazing at how smooth these blushes apply onto the skin, it really feels smooth almost like you're applying face primer or some sort of silky lotion.

As you can see, the swatches are amazing, they are so pigmented that you really only need just a little bit of product in order to achieve beautiful rosy cheeks. In fact, I actually prefer these cream blushes vs the ELF Studio HD Blushes because I feel that with these cream blushes you can control the amount you want to apply a lot easier and mess free! In terms of lasting power, with oily skin the color vibrancy does diminish within 4-5 hours unless used with a primer and/or setting spray, then these blushes last all day long!
Affordable Pigmented Cream Blushes
From the swatches it appears that Heart-Breaker and Tease contain a little bit of glitter however when applied these cream blushes look pretty matte and you don't see any glitter or even major sheen on the skin! Overall I am so impressed with the ELF Studio Cream Blushes, the pigmentation is amazing, the lasting power is pretty standard, they look and feel amazing, all for only $3.00 each! I highly recommend these blushes for any skin type and any skin color, my only recommendation is to set with a setting spray or use face primer if you have oily skin.

To check out these blushes please make sure to visit the ELF site.
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  1. I've gotta try these! I'm obsessed with their HD blushes!

  2. I have never tried these cream blushes, but they look and sound great! :)


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