Affordable DIY Lip Stain Scrub

We all love having natural, plump, radiant looking lips but let’s be honest lip stains are so expensive now days, so why not make your own?  I use a mixture of pomegranate juice and vitamin e oil as a lip stain; not only will you have soft and smooth lips but you’ll have such a natural tint to your lips, all for a fraction of the price! 

What is wonderful about making this lip stain is that the ingredients are multi-functional items which can be found at any local drugstore, therefore by purchasing an 8oz pomegranate juice bottle ($3.50) and a 4oz Vitamin E Oil container ($6.00) you have products that can be consumed yet also applied on the lips, skin, and hair; making this lip stain super inexpensive.
Mixing a week’s worth of ingredients at a time is key to keeping the lip stain fresh; use 4 tablespoons of pomegranate juice and 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E Oil.  Mix it together and pop into the fridge for a nice cooling effect! 

Want to make this lip stain into a lib stain scrub? Add 1 tablespoon of sugar and turn it into a lip stain scrub! You’ll have soft, smooth lips with a nice tint of color! How to apply: You can certainly use your fingers but they will get stained temporarily, or use a cotton swab, or lip brush, dab on, rub together with your lips, then wipe off with a moist napkin.

As you can see, for less than $10.00, this DIY at-home lip stain project is inexpensive, multi-functional, and just fun to do!
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  1. This is awesome, thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely try this =)


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