5 Easy Steps To Being Holiday Gorgeous

Holiday gorgeous to me is all about being natural and having healthy glowing skin, the tips below can help you look and feel gorgeous not only during the holidays but on a daily basis:

1) Make sure you wash your face and remove your makeup every night, this is a big factor in getting (or not getting) pimples!

2) Don’t use dirty makeup brushes, this can cause acne, blackheads, clogged pores, and even a rash!

3) Try to use non-comedogenic (or natural) products, your face is important and you want to try to keep it clean and healthy by using as little to no chemicals as possible!

4) Wash your pillow case often; remember your face lays on it every single night so bacteria and dirt will build up on there which will eventually break you out.

5) Don’t pack on too much makeup; remember natural beauty is the best beauty!!

What are some of your steps to being holiday gorgeous?
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  1. First of all I'd buy the Urban Decay Naked palette because I laid my eyes on it for quite a while, some styling products (heat protectant etc), a foundation and lots of nail polishes.

  2. I would love to pick up Benefit's Total Moisture Facial Cream. Also, some Urban Decay goodies!

  3. I think I'll buy new pair of shoes if I win :)

  4. Aw I love this!!!!

    Also reminds me that I need to wash my pillow covers :)

  5. Primer and mascara!

  6. naked 3 whenever it comes out!

  7. If I were to win, one of the things I would purchase would be Hourglass Ambient Palette.

  8. Wow this is an AMAZING giveaway since we don't have Sephora in my country so if I win I would love to pick Makeup For Ever HD foundation and Benefit Porefessional for sure because I really want to try these 2 products.Thanks xx

  9. If I won, I'd like to try something from LAVANILA.


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