Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume; Memories To Remember....

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This week I had the opportunity to visit my local Walmart and on my way to the beauty aisle I stumbled upon the perfume section.  I have purchased fragrances from Walmart in the past -- I'm talking about years ago, so to my surprise Walmart now stocks an incredible variety of fragrances, many of which are high end/department store fragrances, for a fraction of the price. Just think department store fragrances with Walmart prices, now how incredible is that?
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Well as I was browsing through the perfume aisle looking for Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck, a young lady happened to walk past me wearing such a wonderful scent, as I looked up, I see a close high school friend whom I haven't seen in over 10 years. We were very close during high school and due to moving to separate towns for college we just lost contact. We ended up chatting for well over 45 minutes just catching up on our lives, I then asked her what perfume she was wearing....come to find out she was wearing Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck!  I knew right then and there that this perfume would be perfect for me. It's so funny that literally "Taylor Swift" rekindled our friendship; we exchanged numbers and plan on meeting up next weekend for drinks and dinner!  
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The point of my story is that for me scents always bring back some sort of memory, either from a vacation or a 1st date; do any of you feel the same way? Well It's nice to know that the Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck fragrance I purchased from Walmart will bring back memories of this close friend and the good times I had with her in high school but also the great times we will have going forward now that we have reconnected.
Have you tried Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume before?  If you haven't well I do have to tell you that the fragrance is amazing and very unique as well, not like any other fragrances I own.  It has a very floral but also citrus scent to it and it is also very sweet yet not overpowering at all.  It is definitely a perfume that can be worn on a daily basis because of its soft scent…you literally need one spray of perfume which will last all day long, but it can be build-able to a deeper and stronger scent if applied in more sprays.  I also love Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume because of its super adorable bottle, it’s petite, classy, and very unique; I also think that the cap of the perfume is so enchanting, I can really see that they put a lot of thought into the design of the bottle and it matches perfectly with the name and scent of the perfume. Also, can we talk about how magical the actual box is? I love all the colors put together, it's definitely reminds me of fairy tales and fables!
I would highly encourage you to check out the fragrance section of your local Walmart, you'll find high end/department store fragrances at a fraction of the price!  Have you tried Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck perfume? Have you checked out your local Walmart recently? 
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  1. Wonderstruck smelled so different than I had originally thought. I usually expect musky scents when it's by a celebrity but this one was so fresh and lively! #client

    1. I completely agree, I really didn't know what to expect initially and when I first smelled it in the air the scent drew to me immediately! It's honestly one of the best scents I've ever owned!

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