Sonia Kashuk AMAZING Deals At Target

I went to my local Target this weekend because I heard that Sonia Kashuk eyeshadow palettes were on sale, luckily I spotted the palette along with a few more items.
The palette I was interested in was the Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition"Jewel of a Eye" Eye Couture palette, it is normally $19.99 but it was 50% off so I paid $9.98 which is amazing because Sonia Kashuk products are such amazing quality! I will be ding a swatch post next so if you are interested in the palette I highly encourage you to go to target and purchase it before it's sold out.
Sonia Kashuk AMAZING Deals At Target
The other two products I saw on sale were a bunch of Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bags from small to medium, price range was between $3.50-$5.50, in which they were all well over 75% off -- I didn't grab any because I already have a billion makeup bags!  The last items which were on sale were Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition State of the Art Nail Art Set for $5.48 (regular price $12.99).
Sonia Kashuk AMAZING Deals At Target
These are the Sonia Kashuk items that were on sale at my local Target, the deals are amazing; have you spotted any of these items on sale? What other items are 50% or more off at your local Target from the Sonia Kashuk line?
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  1. I always look for those deals, but my nearby targets are never this cool


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