NEW ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013

I was browsing my local Target and as usual I headed over to the beauty section, and I came across a brand new display of ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets! The sets look so gorgeous they all have gold and white packaging, and the sets are in many varieties from lashes, to liner, blushes and eye-shadows!
Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013
Prices range from $3.00 all the way to $20, they are great as gifts for the holidays OR if you're willing to wait they will eventually go on sale after the holidays. Only bad thing about that is a lot of stuff does sell out so if there is a gift set you really want I say go for it because the prices are already really affordable!

Have you spotted the NEW ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013 at your local Target? I believe these may also be available in other stores that sell ELF such as K-Mart and Walgreens. Are you going to pick any up for yourself and/or for gifts this holiday season?
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  1. OHMYGOSH! I'm so anxious to get some of these ELF Holiday items! I can't find the polish cube at my Walgreens stores, and my Targets don't have these yet.


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