Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Kit

This weekend I tested out the Kiss Everlasting French (Manicure) kit, which comes with 28 nails in 14 different sizes, plus a nail filer, cuticle stick and nail glue. This particular kit can be purchased at many local drugstores for around $6.99.
Drugstore Fake Nails
This particular nail set is pretty easy to apply because the tip of the nails have a tab which makes it nearly impossible for you to get nail glue on your fingertips! The application process is pretty easy, clean your nails, remove/push back cuticles, apply glue on nails (natural and fake nails) and then apply.  The glue dries almost instantly and the whole process takes less than 7 minutes. 
Drugstore Press On Nails
I love the way French Tip nails look, they are the ultimate classic look and to me look very elegant, so I LOVE the way these look and feel and also how they apply however the lasting power is something I am not too happy with. Within day two, 1 nail already fell off, day 3 another fell off, by day 4 a total of 5 nails already fell off....which brings me to my overall opinion; these are amazing for a one night event however don't expect these to be on you for the entire week. In addition, the glue does take some work to remove from your original nail, if you want an alternative that does not use nail glue I would suggest the Impress Press On Nails.

Would I repurchase the Kiss Everlasting French Manicure Kit? Definitely, but only for special events! Have you tried this kit before? 
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  1. Did these leave any kind of residue behind? Thank you for sharing by the way - these kind of nails are way faster than going to a salon (and cheaper!!)

    1. Unfortunately yes, once the nails come off the glue remains behind on the nails; a little bit of filing and polish remover will get the job done but does take a lil bit of work; that's one of the negatives for this kit, but I totally agree with you that they are faster than going to a salon!

  2. I have tried these before too, I wore them on a vacation and a couple days in I was loosing nails too, luckily I brought my nail glue and was able to put them back on, but it was just a pain. I prefer the Impress nails as well, because they are not as hard on your nails as the ones you have to use glue with. Great review!

  3. they look nice i gues they are for a nitght type thing if you dont have the time to go to a salon!! super cute

  4. I used to sport the Kiss french nails a lot a couple of years ago. They were so easy to apply, and the results were so natural looking!


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