Affordable Fall/Winter Style Inspiration

The weather is cooling down and I know I'm slowing transitioning into Fall/Winter clothes so why not look stylish during the colder months?  There are many affordable options out there and today I will be showing you my personal style and hopefully give you some inspiration when you're out shopping for Fall/Winter clothes!

My personal style for Fall/Winter includes a lot of earth toned clothing, particularly browns, blacks, dark blues, and gold as well.  The outfit below is what I would generally wear on a daily basis, either to work, on a date, out to dinner, and so fourth.  
Affordable Cold Season Clothes
#1 H&M Cardigan  I love wearing cardigans because they can be casual or even dressy depending on the pants and undershirt you wear. This particular one retails for $24.95.

#2 Forever 21 Color-blocked Sweater; I love wearing toned down color-blocked sweaters in the Fall/Winter because it adds a little bit of color without going too extreme.  This particular one retails for $19.80.

#3 Macy's Skinny Leg Jeans; generally throughout the cold season you will see me wearing tights, leggings  or skinny jeans simply because they are the most comfortable thing to wear. Just like the cardigan, skinny jeans can look very casual but also very dressy if worn with heels. These particular skinny jeans are on sale for $39.99.

#4 Target Mossimo Tall Boots; I wear boots all Fall/Winter long, they keep my legs/feet super warm, protect me from the rain and look so stylish! I love anything from tall boots, to UGGS, to boots with faux fur on it, and quite frankly look good with anything on! These retail for $39.99.

#5 Forever 21 Chain Necklace; to give my outfit a little bit of glam I generally will add a bold necklace or bracelet. Lately I've been into gold (fake) chains because they can be very glam and rock-star(ish) looking; this particular one retails for $12.80.

So there you have it, my Affordable Fall/Winter Style Inspiration, hopefully I have given you some ideas as to what you can wear during the colder season. These items are very affordable and in my opinion can look great on different age ranges and any occasions as well!

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