Affordable Beauty Blender DUPE (Revive Beauty PRO Makeup Sponge VS Beauty Blender)

I've been wanting to purchase the much talked about Beauty Blender for many years now, ever since my friend used it on me when we were getting ready for a friend's wedding, I fell in love with it but couldn't justify spending $20 for a makeup sponge.

A couple of months ago I visited my local Marshall's (a store with affordable beauty, fashion, household, purses, and many more different items), and spotted the Revive Beauty Pro Makeup Sponge for $4.99.  It looked exactly like the Beauty Blender, the size, the color, and when I opened the package (after purchasing) it felt exactly like the Beauty Blender!
Revive Beauty PRO Makeup Sponge
What I do is wet the sponge and depending what I'm putting on my face first I apply in different movements, for example dabbing it when I put concealer on, dab and roll when putting on foundation, etc.  Let me just say that the Revive Beauty Pro Makeup Sponge is amazing, I've noticed my makeup has been looking so natural and flawless since using this sponge, the application process is super easy and with no mess at all. I've used this for foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter and concealer (all liquid/cream products) and it works wonderfully with each and every different product.
I can honestly say that I've noticed no difference in using the Beauty Blender and using the Revive Beauty Pro Makeup Sponge and don't see myself purchasing the Beauty Blender now that I have this amazing product for a fraction of the price! So far I've used the sponge for about 2 months and it still looks and feels amazing; I wash it every morning before application, and so far it looks brand new no rips and no stains at all!

I would highly encourage anyone to visit their local Marshall's (I've also seen these in TJ MAXX and ROSS Dress For Less) and purchase the Revive Beauty Pro Makeup Sponge for less than $5.00 you are getting a Beauty Blender DUPE; you will not regret it!
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  1. I have a "knock off" beauty blender and it works just fine (: great post!

  2. I wish we had a Marshalls near us! I think it turned into TJ Maxx... this is even more affordable than the SoHo dupe I've been using (which is $7) Love it!! You know some 99 cent stores carry the beauty blender dupes as well. I'm keeping my eye out!

  3. i have one too but ughh idk i like my hands for some reason lol. great review


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