Get $105 Worth of Benefit Cosmetics For ONLY $39.99

Do you love Benefit Cosmetics OR would love to try Benefit Cosmetics but their prices turn you off? Well currently on HSN, they are having a special on a Benefit Cosmetics set valued at over $105 but it's on sale for $39.99 plus tax (usual HSN price is $50).  They are calling this "today's special" and since I've never ordered from HSN I assume the $39.99 price is today only then it goes up to $50.
HSN Deals

The set includes all full sized products, and they are as follows:
  • .04 oz. Bad Gal Eyeliner Pencil - Extra Black
  • .28 oz. Fine One One
  • .14 oz. Peek-A-Bright Eyes compact 
       - .05 oz. Eye Bright
       - (3) .03 oz. Eyeshadows (Buff, Pearly Pink and Warm Chocolate)
       - 2 Applicators
  • .3 oz. They're Real Mascara - Jet Black
  • 1-year SELF magazine subscription

This is such an amazing deal, for all full sized products (plus 1 year of SELF Magazine) I had to purchase it! I love Benefit Cosmetics and simply could not pass this offer up! To check this HSN/Benefit Cosmetics special please make sure to visit the HSN site.
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New Milani Limited Edition Collection

I'm very excited to share this news with you, Milani Cosmetics just announced that they will be launching 6 limited edition Shadow Eyez 12 HR Wear Eyeshadow Pencils in November! 
If you're a big Milani Cosmetics fan like I am, then you know that they already have 6 permanent Shadow Eyez Pencils, in a wide range of beautiful colors, and very affordable as well for only $6.99 these pencils are amazing quality and are long lasting as well!

This new limited edition collection will be available at select CVS, Meijer, and HEB stores, in addition to being available through the Milani Cosmetics site. I am so excited and can't wait to spot these at my local CVS in November, the colors are so beautiful and definitely perfect for Fall!

Will you be on the lookout for these pencils? Which color is your favorite from the permanent line? Which color are you planning to pick up from the limited edition collection?
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Photos provided by Milani Cosmetics

My Budget Friendly Winter Night Time Skincare Routine (Perfect For Combination to Dry Skin)

 [PR Sample]
Winter is slowly starting to appear, and I've switched up my skincare routine to accommodate my combination skin, which generally is a bit dry in the Winter compared to the Summer.  Aside from getting really bad dry spots around my nose, lips, and forehead my face requires a bit more moisture during the Winter season so below are products that I use as part of my Winter Night Time Skincare Routine:
Night Time Skincare Routine for Dry Combination Skin Budget Friendly
I start off with scrubbing my lips with the ELF Lips Exfoliator, this awesome product is only $3.00 and it is easily comparable to the LUSH Lip Scrub, only a lot less messy.  It does an amazing job in exfoliating my lips and making them super soft while being gentle at the same time.

I then rub my face with Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser, this removes my makeup, even the toughest mascara or liner, so it makes it easier to wash my face in the shower.  This cold cream retails for less than $8.00 for a gigantic tub, which will be sure to last throughout the winter months. (I then gently wipe off my face with a face rag to remove excess product).

Next step is using my Vitagoods Spin-For-Perfect-Skin Face & Body Cleansing Brush; the face brush is simply amazing, I actually starting using it this Summer and I've noticed a dramatic difference in the way my skin looks and feels. My pores have decreased, the redness on my face has diminished, and my skin feels so baby soft. The brush generally retails for $99.99 but I have a discount code for $60 off which means it brings down the price to $39.99 (CODE: GlitzGB713)! What is so amazing is that this brush is water proof so I use this in the shower; I highly recommend this brush for any skin types, and for anyone with little to multiple skin concerns!

With my Vitagoods brush I use the Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser, this cleanser gets deep into my pores to offer a deep yet gentle wash!  For only $4.99 this brush does an amazing job in removing the rest of my makeup, it gets rid of dirt deep inside my pores, and keeps my skin clear of acne and simply offering a refreshing feeling to my face.

Once I dry off my face I rub the Ponds Dry Skin Cream onto my skin, just a few dabs here and there makes my face (and neck) feel super hydrated throughout the night, the feeling is amazing because it literally feels like I gave my skin some water!  For less than $8.00 for a gigantic tub this cream will always be a staple in my winter night time skincare routine!

When I wake up in the morning my skin feel so incredibly smooth, my pores look smaller, I don't have as many dry spots, redness around my nose and cheeks looks minimal and I really have this skincare routine to thank for that! I will continue to use this regime for the rest of the winter months and will do an update post on my Summer Night Time Skincare Routine sometime next year!  What is your Winter Night Time Skincare Routine? Have you used any of the products mentioned above?
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Samples were provided, all opinions are my own

NEW ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013

I was browsing my local Target and as usual I headed over to the beauty section, and I came across a brand new display of ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets! The sets look so gorgeous they all have gold and white packaging, and the sets are in many varieties from lashes, to liner, blushes and eye-shadows!
Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013
Prices range from $3.00 all the way to $20, they are great as gifts for the holidays OR if you're willing to wait they will eventually go on sale after the holidays. Only bad thing about that is a lot of stuff does sell out so if there is a gift set you really want I say go for it because the prices are already really affordable!

Have you spotted the NEW ELF Holiday Makeup Gift Sets 2013 at your local Target? I believe these may also be available in other stores that sell ELF such as K-Mart and Walgreens. Are you going to pick any up for yourself and/or for gifts this holiday season?
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POPSUGAR September Must Have Box

 [PR Sample]
Last month I received the POPSUGAR September Must Have Box and unfortunately I did not have time to blog about it but I do want to share with you what was in last month's box because it was amazing, and it seems that every month they get better and better (check out the prior box I received for the month of August here).

The POPSUGAR Must Have Box is part of a monthly subscription service but what's different about it is that it doesn't just contain beauty products, this is why I absolutely love it because of its variety. The September box contains a ton of awesome products worth over $100 but it's only $35 (this is the monthly subscription fee for a box every month); check it out:
 POPSUGAR Must Have Box Subscription Service

Here's what came in the September Box and the prices for each item:
Sharkies $2.00
Total Value: $127.50

Overall this box is an amazing value and as you can see there are a variety of items to fit your average lifestyle, let's face it we don't live and breathe makeup 24/7 so it's nice to have a bunch of lifestyle, health, but also a bit of beauty in a subscription service!  Have you ever ordered a POPSUGAR Must Have Box? If you want to sign up please visit the POPSUGAR Must Have Box site! If you sign up, the subscription is renewed monthly ($35) but you can cancel at any time; you can also signup for multiple months where in the long run you save more money; although if you're new check it out for 1 month and see how you like it!
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Samples were provided, all opinions are my own

LORAC Palette for $12

Have you ever wanted to try LORAC Cosmetics but the price tag has been holding you back? Well currently on Hautelook, 2 Lorac Palettes are on sale for $12 each, these are from the Little Lace Palettes line!
Lorac Eyeshadow Palettes

Lorac Eyeshadow palettes
Each palette is valued at $70, I believe the original price was around $36 when these came out.  If you're interested please make sure to check out Hautelook.

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