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About a month ago I was pleasantly surprised when I received the NEW PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream from Ponds and Influenster; if you remember I posted about a month ago the super cute packaging it came in!
Well I've tested out the product enough to tell give you my review, also stay tuned I will be giving away a few of these in the upcoming week.

First here's what Ponds has to say about this product:
"POND'S Luminous Finish BB+ was created with Tone Perfecting Complex. It works by targeting the source of dark spots on skin’s surface – visibly fading them for a difference you can see. It also delivers a special pigment system designed to blend flawlessly into a variety of skin tones and immediately conceal imperfections with natural-looking coverage."

The PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream has a very light and creamy texture to it, it feels very similar to a tinted moisturizer in my opinion.  It applies, blends, and also spreads very easily and without any effort at all.  Since the consistency is very light and creamy, it feels very smooth and actually hydrating when it's being applied onto the face.  I've applied this product with my fingers, brush,and sponge blender and all 3 ways this product applied very easily.
The product does not have any shimmer at all but it's not completely matte, it does offer a bit of luminosity to the skin, almost like a glow; if you have oily skin I would suggest setting with a powder to avoid the look of oiliness or shine. The product does dry within a reasonable amount of time and you can apply more product on to build coverage, because this is a BB cream therefore one layer will give you a natural look but you can add another layer or do some spot applications for added coverage. Also, a little bit of product is really all that you need and you can keep adding on more for needed spots like imperfections and dark circles.

In terms of staying power, the product lasts all day for me without any fading even in the days where we have 100+ degree weather. Since I have oily skin (and certain dry spots) I do set this cream with a powder and do have to touch up with blotting sheets or setting powder, after about 8 hours which is completely understandable.  Also, this product does have a frangrance, reminds me of all other PONDS products which is a very fresh almost floral but does go away within time.
I wish that I had a better camera to take face pictures but hopefully you can see above the difference in my face wearing the Ponds BB+Cream vs not wearing any makeup at all.  The pictures on the left you can see all my imperfections but on the right you can see that the PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream neutralized my dark circles, camouflaged large pores, reduced redness and hid imperfections.

I can honestly say that after using this product for a few weeks I have noticed redness in certain area minimize, and within 1 month of using this BB+ cream I have noticed my skin tone is appearing to even out just bit, which is amazing and I never thought a BB cream here in the US could do something like this. I am completely sold on the  PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream and I don't see myself switching over to any other BB Cream or foundation any time soon!  I love the way it feels, love how easy it is to apply, love how it makes my skin look very flawless, fresh, and natural!

You can find the PONDS Luminous Finish BB+ Cream in all major drugstore retailers, it is a 1.5 fl oz container and retails for around $10.99.  For additional product information make sure you visit the PONDS website!
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  1. wow i was gonna say i didnt know ponds had a bb cream but i guess every one does now huh? lol i find these to never work on me :( hmm this worked for you it looks great nice review doll


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