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Have you checked out POPSUGAR's ShopStyle website recently? They have a new rate/review feature which is pretty amazing -- I just went in and rated a bunch of my favorite drugstore products!  The feature is pretty new but I can imagine it now that it will become such a helpful resource for people looking to find a product to purchase but want to read reviews before spending money (like me!). 
To be entered into ShopStyle's $1000 giveaway, all you have to do is rate any product on their site!! It's super quick and easy....and the prize is pretty amazing! Have you tried ShopStyle's new feature? Let me know if you enter the giveaway! You can find out more about this awesome giveaway here.  

Good Luck all!
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  1. So easy and simple! I had no idea they were doing this (: Great post!

    1. Ebony isn't this so awesome! I love that they have this new feature! It will definitely help me in making my purchasing decisions!!!


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