Love Toast Roller Perfume in Clementine Crush

If you remember my haul from Pharmaca earlier this month one of the items I purchased was the Love Toast Roller Perfume in Clementine Crush, this perfume retails for $12.00 for a .12 fl oz. roller container.  I was very excited to purchase this perfume because I smelled it in the store and the scent blew me away, it contains Mandarin, Ripened Mango, Vanilla, Sugar, and Guava, and yes you can actually smelled all those ingredients when you apply the perfume on your skin.
I love the fact that it comes in a roller container, because it is super small and convenient to take with you literally anywhere, it's travel friendly, fits right into a small clutch, or even your pockets.  However, I will not be repurchasing this product and here's doesn't last very long, which is very disappointing! I usually rub the roller perfume on my wrists and behind my neck, and within 15 minutes the scent fades away, which is why I am almost done with the roller bottle and I've only had it for about 2 weeks. I love the scent but quite honestly this perfume will get very expensive if I have to repurchase it every single month.

Have you tried this brand of perfume before? What are your favorite scents and/or perfumes that you can't live without? To find out more details about this roller perfume please make sure to visit the Love Toast website.
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  1. havent tried this one b4.. but i love my viva la juicy

  2. I love fruity scents. This one sounds great!


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