e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush

My all time favorite eyeshadow brush has to be the e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush it is simply amazing and I am so surprised that I never actually reviewed it before!  It retails for $3.00 but you can often find a coupon code for 1/2 off; which is what I paid...$1.50.
The e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush is perfectly shaped, both the handle and the bristles.  The handle is the perfect size and length not too long and bulky, it is sleek and perfectly sized for any hand size.  The bristles are what makes this brush amazing, they are dense enough to pick up enough shadow yet soft for the gentle eye area. Also, the bristles are long enough to pick up enough product for the whole lid area, yet flat and contoured enough to also create even the thinnest shadow liner.  What I also love about this product is that you can use it wet or dry, on any kind of product, from powder to cream and even baked shadows.  

The clean-up process is amazing with this brush, no matter what kind of cleaner you use, from liquid shampoo, to bar of soap, it cleans super quickly without leaving any dirt or residue behind.  This brush is also very durable, I've had mine for over a year and it still looks brand new.

I highly recommend the e.l.f. Studio Eyeshadow "C" Brush to anyone whether you're on a budget or not, this brush is highly comparable to high-end brushes I own and will keep purchasing more in the near future and suggest you do as well! If you would like additional information about this product please make sure to visit the ELF website.
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