EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush

One of my current beauty obsessions right now is the EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush I've only been using this brush for a few weeks but it's already one of my all time favorite affordable brushes.  
Affordable Buffing Powder Brush
It is a flat top brush which is perfect for applying any type of powder to your face. I actually prefer using this buffing brush over any other powder brush because the flat top actually helps pack on more product yet applies so natural onto the skin. Aside from applying face powder, I love using the buffing brush for applying highlighter to my cheekbones and forehead because it blends it in perfectly without looking patchy.  
Affordable Buffing Powder Brush
This brush is soft enough for the most gentle skin yet it is not flimsy at all. I love that this brush has soft bristles because it makes the buffing out process so easy, smooth, and without any effort at all.  In addition, this buffing brush is filled with so many bristles that a tiny bit of dab picks up plenty of product!

I am a huge fan of EcoTools in fact one of my all time favorite foundation brushes comes from EcoTools (was one of my first reviews 2 years ago). This brush retails for $6.99 which is so incredibly affordable and quite frankly is worth double that price.  I would highly recommend this brush to anyone who is looking for an amazing quality buffing brush without spending too much money.
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  1. Great review!! :D I haven't used this line before, but I love how affordable it is!


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