Donna Michelle Eyebrow Razors

I know what some of you are thinking "OMG eyebrow razors" but these babies are amazing! We pluck our eyebrows to the best of our ability but sometimes even with the best tweezers out there, there are tiny thin hairs that are hard to pluck out.  Well I found these babies at my local Dollar Store and they are the Donna Michelle Eyebrow Razors, 2-ct. Packs for only $1.00 and they are amazing!
They are small razors perfect for getting rid of tiny thin hairs which can sometimes be hard to pluck out with tweezers, I love using these razors to clean up any hairs that my tweezers didn't pick up around my eyebrows. The blades are sharp enough to give you a clean smooth shave yet gentle enough even for the most sensitive skin. They are compact and easy to bring with you when traveling, and also easy to clean up!  The best part is the price,  you get 2 razors for only $1.00!
Make sure to check out your local Dollar Tree Store and see if they have these in stock, they are inexpensive yet work amazing!  They are comparable to other drugstore eyebrow razors that I've tried, particularly comparable to the Sally Hansen Brow Shapers which retail for over $4.00!  Have you seen these at your local Dollar Store?
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  1. I have these too and love love love them! :) I mostly use it for the top of my brow and it just gives that extra bit of shape where it almost looks like I had my brows waxed. I always get mine at the Dollar Store too, one of the best beauty finds there in my opinion :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity


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