Crazy For Color: Hautelook Favorite Beauty Brands

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In case you're missed it, Hautelook is one of my favorite sites to shop at, simply because I've been able to buy and try out high end makeup products all for very affordable prices.  I wanted to update you on the beauty deals currently going on and also what will occur in the next week; Hautelook is showcasing their favorite beauty brands which includes Stila, The Balm, Lorac, China Glaze and much more.

Hautelook Lorac
Hautelook Urban Decay

By using Hautelook, I've been able to try The Balm, Stila, Lorac, Urban Decay, and much more, all of which are generally out of my price range when they're not on sale.  If you're interested in any of the beauty brands above I suggest you sign up for Hautelook (free) and check back each day to find the deals!
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  1. omg i was so addicted to this site its been a while since ive gone on it was getting me in trouble hahaaa


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