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I recently purchased the Coastal Scents Brush Shampoo Cleanser for $4.95 and it came in a 4.0 oz squeeze bottle.  I've used many different products to clean my brushes, from baby shampoo, to dish soap, even face wash, and I have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn't work, so I was interested in trying out my very first actual brush shampoo cleanser to see if it actually makes a difference.

Let me first start off by saying what I absolutely hate about this product, and that is the packaging.  The actual bottle looks very nice and sleek but it's made out of a really hard plastic material that it makes it nearly impossible to squeeze out any product, even with two hands.  The only way I could use this without hurting myself was to remove the cap.
Affordable Makeup Brush Shampoo Cleanser
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Now onto the actual product, the Coastal Scents Brush Shampoo Cleanser is amazing you literally need one tiny drop per brush and it removes even the toughest stains from cream brush to liquid eyeliner! Even with the slightest amount of product this cleanser lathers up pretty well and it makes cleaning my brushes a breeze! Using this product I now realize how much actual product I was wasting when using the other shampoos and cleansers!! The cleanser has a very minimal scent however it's almost nonexistent and I can barely smell it before and after but if I had to describe it I would say like a lightly scented bar of soap.

I cannot compare this product to any other "brush shampoos" but I can tell you that this works 100 times better than any baby shampoo or dish soap I've used! I do highly recommend it, it's a very good size and very affordable, and since you only need a tiny bit of product this will last a long time.  For additional product details please make sure to visit the Coastal Scents website.
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  1. Great review! I've gone between using my actual hair shampoo and Dawn dish soap... I'll definitely be giving this a go!


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