Several months ago I purchased the BENEFIT COSMETICS Gettin' Cheeky Kit from my local Sephora; it was priced at $17 for 3 mini Benefit products: posie tint, sun beam, and cha cha tint.  I wanted to purchase this particular kit so I could try out all three products without having to spend a lot of money on each one (since I didn't know whether I was going to love these or not). These type of kits are a great way to experience high end makeup for a fraction of the price and from trying out this kit I now know which of the three tints I actually want to buy the full size bottle.  
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These three products have a sort of liquidy/creamy type of texture to them, they all three come in a lip brush type of applicator and the purpose of these is so you can use them as both face and lip products -- basically serve as multi-functional products.  Let's talk about each individual tint, the first is:

Posie Tint -- this is a very beautiful light pink color, it acts as a very natural looking blush but also as a light pink tint to the lips. It is a matte pink color but when light hits it, it does have a slight bit of shimmer but it's a natural looking shimmer almost like young fresh looking skin after getting a bit of sun. I prefer to use this on my cheeks for a natural looking glow.
Benefit Cosmetics Blush Sephora
Sun Beam -- this is a beautiful golden color, with a bit of golden highlight to it. It blends in as a natural sun tanned look and when the sun hits your skin this tint just makes your skin look vibrant and literally sun kissed! I prefer to use this as a highlighter on my cheekbones and brow bones.
Sephora Benefit Cosmetics Highlighers
Cha Cha Tint -- this is very similar to the Posie Tint but Cha Cha is more of a peach colored blush and lip tint.  Also matte peach but glows when the light hits it because it does contain a little bit of shimmer, but again it's a natural looking shimmer that literally makes your skin look fresh, vibrant, and simply glowing.
Getting Cheeky Kit Benefit Cosmetics
Overall, I believe this kit is amazing, like I said you get to try three amazing products for a reasonable price. This set contains 3  x 0.13 oz tints (full sized tints are .45 oz for $26-$30 each) so as you can see for $17 you can try all three and the best part is that a little bit of product is all you need so this set will last you quite a while.  I do love all three but the one that I feel I have been and will use the most is Posie Tint because I love how natural the light pink color looks on my skintone, in fact once I am all empty on this set I will be purchasing a full sized of the Posie Tint! 
Sephora Benefit Cosmetics Kits
Bottom line they are long lasting on the skin, they provide a natural looking glow, they feel good applying on, almost refreshing yet doesn't feel heavy or cakey once it dries.  One thing to mention is that these do dry fairly quickly so you have to work quickly I don't mind because I'm usually in a rush to do my makeup so it all works out perfectly for me.

Have you tried any of the Benefit "tints" I believe there's another one called Benetint, I have a sample size and will do a seperate review once I test it out!  If you want to check out this kit, it is a Sephora exclusive so make sure to visit a local store or the Sephora site.
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  1. I looove posie tint. I have a mini of it and it is just so pretty on. I love the glow it gives as well. I really would love to try the others now though!


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