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I've been a long time fan of Almay cosmetics, probably for the past 10 years, but more in the last several years after I horribly broke out in a rash from Proactiv. There are many reasons why I love Almay products but mainly it's because they are non-comedogenic which basically means it doesn't clog pores, it doesn't cause acne, it is sensitive enough for the most sensitive skin!

Well I received an Almay Smart Shade CC Cream several months ago to test out and I had really high expectations for this product since I know and love other Almay products; well I've been using it on and off since then so today I bring you my thoughts on it.   First off here's what Almay has to say about this product: 

"Almay's  new smart shade cc cream is the perfect marriage of lightweight foundation + clarity enhancing skin care for beautiful coverage now and beautiful skin later. the lightweight formula:  


1. covers imperfections flawlessly
2. corrects discolorations

over time:
1. brightens and evens natural skin tone
2. helps prevent future damage with spf 35

This CC cream definitely has the texture and feel of a light foundation, it is not too liquidy and not too thick, in fact the consistency is pretty creamy and that makes it easy to blend it. It has light coverage that can't really be built up into more coverage, so although it can minimize redness and tiny blemishes it definitely will not hide acne or obvious imperfections.  In fact, trying to build up more coverage by applying more than one coat will create uneven and patchy area on your face, this happened to me on several occasions.
Drugstore CC Cream
This CC cream leaves a glow to the face, almost like a shiny highlighter and I find that you have to set it with a powder regardless whether you have oily or dry skin. The number one issue that I had with this CC cream is that it leaves a sticky feeling on the face even after trying to let it dry for minutes, unfortunately that sticky feeling remains all day unless you set it with powder.

During the Summer I have such an oily face and wearing this alone without powder simply made me look like I was dripping in sweat, it definitely did not hold up in extreme heat weather. As far as Almay claiming that this CC cream offers long term affects, by brightening and evening out skin tone I would have to disagree because I used this product for months and saw no improvement on my skin, unfortunately.

Would I recommend this product? Well, this CC cream may work well for dry skin but I would not recommend it for extremely oily skin, the point of a light foundation is so you don't have to cake on the powder and I feel like with this CC cream you have to set it with powder.  Overall, I do not plan on purchasing this product in the future, however if you are interested in learning more about the Almay Smart Shade CC Cream then please visit the Almay site.
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  1. I'm late to the trend again , but I'm in love with CC creams


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