Affordable Makeup Storage

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I shop at Hautelook way too much, mainly for beauty products, but today I was browsing their "home" section and I realized that they have affordable makeup storage on sale which is pretty awesome, so I wanted to share with you the current deals. Under Clean Slate: Organizing Essentials, you have a wide variety of makeup storage, such as lipstick holders, here are some of my favorites:

Prices range from $3.00 (the 12 lipstick holder is only $3.00) up to $47 for larger units.  If you need one or more storage compartments for your desk/vanity I would encourage you to check out Hautelook!
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  1. I've tried similar lipstick holders and I guess I have too many because I can never get them all to fit in my current storage containers. ;)

  2. omg I soooo need lipstick holders. I'm gonna have to get on hautelook stat. I just hate paying shipping.


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