Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in Cherry Glaze (Review)

I can't believe I have not reviewed this product yet because I always carry one with me every where I go, it is the Wet n Wild MegaSlicks Lip Gloss in 562B Cherry Glaze. I love this gloss because it's perfect for on the go, it applies very smoothly and provides a decent amount of color and gloss to the lips. I love adding this lip gloss on top of a red lipstick because it adds a little bit of vibrancy to the color.  The gloss is not super sticky and it does have a smooth consistency to it so it always makes my lips feel smooth (with just a little dab of stickiness but nothing too crazy).  A little amount is all you need and you can add a little bit more as the day goes by; what I love about this gloss is that it doesn't make your lips look super greasy like other glosses I've tried and also provides a little bit of moisture to my dry lips.
Wet n Wild Cosmetics Lip Gloss
These glosses do come in a variety of colors, I have noticed that some have shimmers in it, however this particular one has no shimmers at all it is purely a sheer red gloss (I've also seen some of the other colors don't provide much color but I can't speak on those because I've only tried this color). Lasting power is only about 1-2 hours, which for me is perfectly fine because I generally use this gloss when I'm on the go and just need a little bit of jazz to my lips for a few hours without looking too glammed up!  These retail for $1.50 at many drugstores such as Walgreen's and Walmart; for more product info please visit the Wet n Wild site.
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