SOHO Beauty Blush Brush

I have a lot of affordable drugstore brushes and a few high end brushes that I use on and off in my beauty routine, but there's one brush that I've been loving lately and have been using daily, which is the SOHO Beauty Blush Brush; it retails for $14.99 but it's currently on sale at Walgreen's for $12.99.

What initially prompted me to buy this brush is the ergonomic design of the handle which is very sleek and smooth,  it's actually designed to make it very easy to handle and to apply product onto your face. The bristles are pretty amazing, they are stiff enough to pack on the product, yet gentle enough for the most sensitive skin! The entire brush is pretty amazing because it allows you to evenly distribute the product onto your face, basically you have control over much or how little product you apply vs other brushes I've tried where the bristles are too stiff or too brittle, which then makes the product look very uneven on your face!
Affordable Blush Brush
I haven't experienced any shedding while using it and/or while washing it, also the bristles are made of goat hair which explains why this blush brush is super gentle on the skin, yet distributes the product very evenly! I would highly recommend the SOHO Beauty Blush Brush for anyone who is looking for a brush that actually gets the job done and a brush that doesn't require you to have to spend more time than needed to apply blush on! By the way I do also use this for bronzer and highlighter as well as blush because it's really perfect for any type of face makeup application.  If you are interested in this product check out Walgreen's website since it is currently on sale.
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  1. I always see them on biglots but have never picked them up, I guess that has to change soon :)

  2. I definitely need to try more of the SOHO brushes! Especially this one!


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