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On my most recent trip to Target I purchased a new deodorant which was the Secret Deodorant Scent Expressions Fresh & Fabulous in the scent Cocoa Butter Kiss (the invisible solid), which retailed for about $3.50.  I generally use Secret Deodorant but always lean towards the powdered scent, but what intrigued me to buy this particular one was the sweet scent, the idea of cocoa butter just sold me immediately!

The Cocoa Butter Kiss deodorant smells amazing, if you like coconut and sweet smelling products then this deodorant is perfect for you!  Not only that, it applies smoothly onto the underarms and although it's a solid form it does not stain your clothing with those horrible white streaks!
Secret Deodorant
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The scent is strong initially (which I like) but throughout the day the scent does slowly go away, but even in your toughest sweatiest days this deodorant does the job perfectly, helps minimize sweat and no bad odor whatsoever!

The Scent Expressions line does come with 6 different scented deodorants for the invisible solid, 7 for the clear gel, and 5 matching body sprays.  The line is amazing, in fact I want to go back to Target and purchase the matching body spray for around the same price....super affordable!  Have you ever tried this deodorant before? Which deodorant do you currently use? I am interested to see if anyone has tried any other scents from the Scent Expressions line! For more product information please make sure to visit the Secret website.
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  1. I haven't tried this one, but will! Thanks for posting :)


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